1. no it’s just Reddit, the outside world doesn’t care as much and just enjoys the game for what it is

  2. all good, still need Nakia to start the mission after the supplied character one though.

  3. 2 months ago lol. Level 65 and still have no idea what im doing. Sensory overload :)

  4. I didn't even know you could use all your roster to blitz until the end of first month!

  5. dating a girl from Ohio at the time (2010 or 11) and they were walking around handing out free tickets because no one knew who they were lol.

  6. so in other words you’ve never tripped.. what an ignorant post, but I suppose that’s the point of this sub. well done.

  7. Put it at the second level all the way to the left. Worked first try for me.

  8. Sometimes 2 hours sometimes 12. Depends how I feel 😂

  9. so sick of these posts. all you people will watch the second season. stick to your books if you hate it so much, everyone knows Amazon doesn’t have the appropriate rights to make it lore accurate.

  10. They drive me insane too. But I’ve learned I think it’s a generational thing?? My mom will say “wow that’s great…” and genuinely mean it is great. The downside to written communication is you can look into things way too much. Try not to read too far into it, they likely don’t mean anything by it

  11. Daniel what is your favorite Weird Al song? And what song would you Iike Al to parody that he hasn't done?

  12. The showrunners are going to go for the bright shiny thing, Gandalf

  13. Do you expect everyone to respond to your Teams messages immediately? If so, you need to adjust your expectations. I often don't answer Teams messages for several hours, because I AM BUSY WORKING.

  14. One of the hardest things to do in this game is knowing who to focus on. You get a LOT of characters thrown at you but a very limited amount of resources to level them up. So—level up what you need when you need it. Look ahead and see what big milestones you want to hit (Dark Dimension 2 is where I’m heading, I’m at 69 and waiting for 70 so I can get in).

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