1. As someone who needs a GC to have a baby on the future, thank you for what you do. It’s a huge gift and very brave. In awe of folks who do this for others.

  2. OMG how cute! My rescue dog turns out is like 17% pitt, I was a little worried too but even more the reason to train early. On this sub Ive learned about perfect breeder dogs who end up having issues, like anything else in life there are no guarantees. My dog is australian cattle, lab, husky and pit. So far we see herding from the australian cattle dog and she has the “blue heeler way of sitting” but even tho she is more Husky than Pit she seems to hate the cold! So my point is genetic traits skip around like crazy.

  3. You gotta get her out of that situation!! If you do this sub will help a lot w individual questions. I’ve heard salmon oil is good for coats and reducing shedding so I am looking into that for my pup. She deserves to see the outside world!!

  4. I am, I promise!! We worked out that I'm picking her up tomorrow :) I'm just so anxious and wanna be as prepared as possible lol. Thank you so much for the tip about salmon oil, I'll also be looking into that!

  5. Don’t worry be patient with yourself and her, the more you put in to animals the more you get out. It can be deeply rewarding even if it’s tough. But also, don’t overprepare! You’ll figure out what she needs and when and how to make it work!

  6. The 5% seems ludicrous to me. Either they survive and the clinic learns a valuable lesson about putting better safeguards in place to prevent this in the future, or they don't survive and you get a free cycle to replace them.

  7. Not all dogs enjoy cuddling, but I'd give her some time. Keep in mind that like people, dogs understand intricacies in relationships, so you'll want to cultivate a personal relationship in more ways that just physical cuddling -- talking to her, interacting more often and more deliberately, figuring out where she likes to be touched and touching her when you're not planning to cuddle, etc. Otherwise, she might be considering herself to be a working partner and not a personal companion. Ideally, I prefer both. :)

  8. Yes we do both but she’s spent her whole life training and me trying to keep her safe and now that she’s almost 6 months I want her to become more of a house dog and be able to relax a little. We just needed to get the basics down first.

  9. My dogs don't cuddle. Just like people some dogs do not prefer that past time. Don't force it either if it happens it happens if not just show affection in other ways like fun activities, praise, training, etc.

  10. Totally! I just have this feeling so can melt her but it may take a few years haha. If not that’s OK I love her so much and we have a lot of fun doing walks, training etc

  11. I had a luteal start (no birth control prior) and had a period during stims which was just 19 days after my last period. It’s so good you are asking this question now because my clinic didn’t tell me that was a possibility. When my period came randomly at work (very heavy flow and intense cramps) I was upset and thought the entire egg retrieval process had failed. It’s not exactly intuitive that you can be growing eggs and shedding your lining at the same time so I would’ve appreciated a heads up.

  12. Exactly! Like I can tell my period is coming in a few days but now I already feel my follicles growing so I was like wait how does both of this happen at same time? Haha I’m just glad to be trying something new

  13. My pup was dumped at a kill shelter with her litter when she was about 8 weeks old in Georgia. A rescue up in NJ where I live brought her to foster homes up here. So for 8 weeks have no idea what her life was like, for 2 weeks she was in a foster home with one of her brothers and an entire family including a baby (which was hopefully good socialization) but they didn’t do any proper training so I started training her on everything since 11 weeks. Shes overall doing great, one of the only potential “trauma” signs is that she doesn’t like to be picked up or grabbed from behind to be scoooed up. I just noticed this and it’s a bit weird because I carried her when she was a baby. anyway, I’m going to start slowly training her to let me pick her up. Step 1 is lightly petting the back area in a cupped motion and then giving a treat. Will take time.

  14. I’m going through IVF which means lots of blood draws and when I come home from the doctor even hours later my pup will sniff deeply right on the spot where I was poked - insane sense of smell

  15. Love this. One other thing to add is that you can put your mothering energy back into yourself 😌

  16. This is part of how you get better. You have to actually feel the pain of the losses and remember what you did, and even then, you’ll make the same mistakes again, but fewer and fewer

  17. You are not on sale, end of discussion. She just isn’t your customer, she can go buy baked goods at the discount grocery or whatever, you are offering a specialty product.

  18. I’m the stupidest person in the world because while socializing my pup I took her to Starbucks a bunch to get pup cups and now… I can never have a cup of coffee in peace

  19. My girl is a Blue Heeler/Lab/Pit mix and she solved everything in under 30 seconds. I bought a snuffle rope thing off Etsy which took her about 45 min of play! Every single meal is a frozen lick of or kibble in snuffles to maximize hunting time and tire her out 😅

  20. Ohhh! Do you just search snuffle rope on Etsy for this? I’m seeing some but wasn’t sure if they are the correct ones!

  21. I’m soooooo sorry that you had to go through that and know there are so many of us who have had similar experiences. I can literally feel your pain through the screen. In my opinion, there’s kind of no good way to tell someone. I’ve had people do the “update me in private, update me on the sidelines” and for me that still feels shitty because it’s like marking it even more. If that makes sense. It’s true though of course that there isn’t a limited supply of pregnancy and a limited supply of babies but it feels like a sharp underline “other people are getting the thing you want” and just really hurts.

  22. Right now we're going through "seeing another dog across the street and freezing and screaming about it".

  23. I know this is more of a vent than asking for opinions but do you think the 45 min sniffari was overstimulating? I’ve learned when I do too much to tire out my pup she sometimes goes ballistic so I’ve started doing less and it seems to work better (though every time I think I’ve unlocked something the next day it falls apart so take with a grain of salt lol)

  24. Yeah no it was ABSOLUTELY too much to ask of a 9 month old hound dog, hence the full speed zoomies. Often he can settle on his own when we get home but not yesterday.

  25. Mine is a lab/blue heeler/pit/husky so I do tend to do a lot with her but I can see how it can be a trap to think I have to entertain her all day. I can’t wait until she has more couch potato days someday

  26. That's the thing... you can't. It's explicitly in the TOS.

  27. Personally my pup doesn't get beds unless she treats them politely and doesn't tear them haha. She still tries when she's in a mood but then the bed goes in time out for a bit.

  28. Yes I def took it away for awhile and the only thing she couldn’t tear up was an outdoor sofa cushion

  29. I also used them for years and while can’t pinpoint if that contributed, your anger is valid. Honor it.

  30. Make a pot of beef or chicken broth ,,,soak a play rope toy in it ,,, place rope toy in freezer ( or a few rope toys ) ,,,freeze overnight. The frozen rope tor soothes the gums .

  31. Never chase your dog! They think it’s a game and very fun for them. Dangerous if they ever got loose. Instead make chasing you the fun game that gets a reward.

  32. Try a bath when you know she’s tired, plus a calming chew, plus do the bath like every few days (just for this short training period) to teach her it’s normal. You could also break it down/ doesn’t have to be a full bath but just feet wet, then a little more each time etc etc

  33. Can you pay for more dog walks OR swap with someone to walk their dog when you get better?

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