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  1. How do you unlock that dialogue with ingo I’ve beat volo but I still can’t get that dialogue do i need to catch arceus

  2. Well boppkin's has lots of amine girls in his search history.

  3. Luigis search history got the fbi called on wimpu when he was working for t mobile in the video about shitty fake games on the switch like waluigi gets his waluiweenie stuck in a vending machine 2 remastered and donkey kong brings communism to canada

  4. Creseclia manaphy jirachi (i assume) darkrai giratina basculegion voltorb darkrai again palkia sneasler uxie regigigas wyrdeer and basculegion again

  5. This is the shit i hate on YouTube but love on reddit because what else am I supposed to watch quality videos there are none

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