1. The website seems suspicious. These usually go for $200+

  2. normal faction girls in these events always seem worth it, d/a girls not so much

  3. lmao and you can use your real job to pay for some in game stuff

  4. how is your CP so high šŸ˜­ im prop with around 30 awakenings and mine is only 850k

  5. If you have that many Awakenings, you probably have a fair share of UR gear too. You just to need to purposely make a high point lineup for ranking and fast challenge requirements.

  6. i have every f2p U.R. most at level 80, but a lot of them just aren't usable for my lineup

  7. take out yuffie, hersey, kiraya, and selena. Use fene, kas, kichou, and pan or which ever good attacker you have, or shiki

  8. as someone who has every character at 240+ as a f2P, it doesn't really matter. but it also depends on which leader you're using.

  9. Characters in that level don't do that much damage. Chiyo summons can be wiped with one basic attack, and the sp rie doesn't freeze. That being said, just lay out a full line of tanks and then pure attack behind that. Though i have no idea what it's like in your shoes, but this is good advice potentially

  10. guys, win rematches was a mission in like the first or second week. y'all have had a few months and no one has ever rematched?

  11. Iā€™m just gonna say that it looks like that emote worked on you. You sound salty as hell in that one statement. But just ignore it dude and keep playing

  12. Windigo....Let me put more here. For a beginner, you want to use windigo. The vest and monkey play out better with certain items that you most likely do not have. Windigo is an awesome torso.... I say stay with that, if you just started.

  13. oh no i have 2 fully mythed out mechs. energy and heat monkeys but i just wanted to work on my third mech. I do have fortresses and the plate which gives extra health but i'm not putting it on this mech

  14. wtf n I still haven't got one of these ahahah

  15. Thanks! I actually have a rg 00 raiser sitting in my room right now, i'll start that when Christmas rolls around, really looking forward to it but i heard any kit above hg is pretty hard

  16. Hi! Unfortunately this is a known issue on Mac Monterey. A future release would have a fix for this soon, stay tuned on our

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