China Covid redux

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  1. I'm not a professional shopper but if my math is correct, your 3-4$ per pound is pretty good price. Not sure what these other guys are paying to not be getting "ripped off"

  2. He said 2 gallons.. that’s 16.68 lbs for $100 that’s expensive unless you’re smoking crack lol

  3. You're right. I made approximately 20 gallons. This dude was giving me shit for paying $100 for 30lbs... but with his price he would only be saving around $3 for the same amount

  4. And you said for 2 gallons, not 30lbs lol your math isn’t mathing right lol

  5. I justify most of my bugout items as “camping gear” and bulk meds and stuff I just say I buy in bulk so I don’t have to buy all the time or it was out of stock in the store, even food items like bags of tuna or freeze dried foods I say are for backpacking trips or camping trips, I do use em for that but I also buy a couple more for preps and just have em in bugout bags

  6. Don’t give ‘em other options and theyll eat it when they’re hungry enough

  7. I'm vegan, and I've never heard it called "a first world privilege", I couldn't agree more. It would also be ridiculous to humor the idea of being meat-free in a survival situation..

  8. I mean he could have an underground bunker that has a huge farming area for crops like in the movies

  9. Here’s one thing that I’ve bought and used, they’re little packets and they come in handy I have em everywhere. Medpride Bacitracin Zinc Ointment, 0.9 gram, 144 Packets

  10. I don’t truly agree with getting the vaccine, I don’t even get the flu shot, but I do believe in holistic medicine, I try to do natural remedies, usually pressed juices, it’s helped me, not saying it’s for everyone but when I had covid ginger with cayenne and turmeric helped a lot plus orange juice, like I said not for everyone but it worked for me and my family members but yes definitely need to prep, medicine, food and even water shortages are always a worry since the first two months of covid for me, toilet paper I’m not so worried I got a bidet lol totally worth it. Also masks that are N95’s and higher work, just don’t get those disposable masks or cloth masks you see people wear, when I worked in the hospital during covid nurses and doctors were pissed they had to wear those masks instead of n95’s because those masks are useless against coivd

  11. No, I just think you have nothing better to do than complain lol

  12. It looks amazing and delicious. If anyone says "looks a little cloudy" eff them it's perfect. If you put this next to one of their crystal clear campden tablets bentonite potassium sorbated chemical Brews and had 12 blindfolded people sample them I would say probably 5 or 6 out of 12 would say it taste better. Clear or not it's flavor that counts. Good job.

  13. Thank you! I just try to take everyone’s advice in , negative or not and see what works

  14. Yeah it's clear enough judging by the outline of the toaster over on the far right bottle. You did great. It looks delicious.

  15. Yeah midwest has crazy weather but im a native, lived here all my life my house i lived in before this one got destroyed by a tornado. The first time I ever remembered seeing one I was 7 and the whole sky turned green/yellow and everything was quiet, you don't understand how much noise there is from bugs, frogs, and birds and everything until everything is holding its breath all at once. Its crazy, and scary to experience true silence outside in the country.

  16. Ya no I’m good lol I’ll stay in the PNW, hopefully you’re not affected by another tornado, shits scary AF

  17. Not really we all got storm cellars and good concrete basements and solid department stores that are more than capable of surviving a tornado so unless you're in trailer park or in your car you won't die from a tornado

  18. I loved living in Chicago, I just wish I wasn’t a shit hole from all of the shitty people there, I would move back in a heart beat if they could get their crime in check

  19. Just followed your page because your meads look tasty and I need to try some of your recipes

  20. GTA? Greater Toronto Area is all I can come up with not being Canadian... Probably not a useful abbreviation for those outside of Canada.

  21. Is there an update on this? Mine are doing the same thing so I’m wondering how long do I leg them ripen? Thank you!

  22. I would say that may be too much, it would be better to bug out in that situation honestly, look into bush crafting. But for someone like me if I were to reinforce my place, I would replace the door plate with 3 inch screws, you can install a wood or metal door bar, get some plywood that’s a little bigger than the windows and drill those in and maybe even put a door bar behind that, to bullet proof a room you can a room with sandbags or some steel sheets but the steel would be expensive, I’m going for a more budget friendly way because I can’t afford an armored door or bulletproof glass, but sandbags work good

  23. Honestly, it can even be just any natural disaster in your area where everyone is either rushing home or evacuating and there’s traffic jams, or even conditions like snow that gets everyone stuck and you gotta walk home, it happened last year

  24. Just tell them to remember the empty shelves at grocery stores and all of the BLM riots that destroyed cities in 2020

  25. I live in a single family home, entrance front and back. Wife and a 3 year old - another kid on the way. Zero experience.

  26. Do you have land or just a home in a neighborhood

  27. I’d get a pistol first then, Glock 19’s are going to be one of the more versatile guns, they also take Glock 17 mags which have more ammo capacity but the 19’s are more concealable, there’s so many mods for the 19 plus if you ever want a carbine, which is pretty much a rifle that shoots pistol ammo, most of em are also compatible with Glock 19/17 mags so your mags will be Inter changeable between your side arm and carbine, ID still say to get a rifle but if it’s your first gun I’d get that one

  28. Halfway, and you have to strong alcohol like vodka, 40% or stronger or water mixed with brewing sanitizer, if you look at my posts you can zoom in on the air locks and see

  29. No worries! If you look at my posts and wonder why the liquid in air locks is brown…it’s whisky lol, and distilled water will work, but spring water will always taste better

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