Sidhu Moose Wala reportedly shot and killed

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  1. Microsoft isn’t FAANG don’t try to sneak them in there

  2. It’s… not? That’s not what the acronym was about. It was originally FANG - Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. Mostly for high growth, large tech companies at the time.

  3. Easiest way to solve this dilemma is to just buy properties that normal home buyers won't buy.

  4. My Sweetbay Magnolia blooms mid-late June. The flowers are beautiful and super fragrant but seems each individual bloom lasts just 1-2 days. I suspect however that as the tree gets bigger, the flowering period will be extended just due to the increased amount of flowers.

  5. One of my favorite trees ever. They’re amazing. There’s also a few cultivars that stay evergreen in the north

  6. Yeah!! Ned’s Northern Belle is a great one, another one is the moonglow sweet bay. I planted both but they’re younger trees, still kept their leaves!

  7. Not everybody hates their job guy....especially those working for SpaceX/Tesla

  8. Actually a lot of those ppl do because of below market comp and shitty WLB

  9. Wow captain obvious to the rescue! For your next trick are going to tell me the sky is blue?

  10. no wonder your dumb, out of touch comments are getting downvoted

  11. I remember how shitty east broad was a decade ago

  12. I grew up poor as well. Tbh I pity them as they’ll never know the feeling of working hard to achieve success

  13. I.. don’t think that’s a native rhododendron (to the US at least)

  14. This is honestly a really good music video, there's some dope shots in here

  15. Great players elevate their team.

  16. Yeah, if only he had Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant to help lift him while he elevated his team

  17. Damn I picked a good time to buy a Tesla in feb

  18. There were people arguing (maybe just one guy) like 1-2 months ago that Brooklyn won the trade because they were bogged down with having the players from these draft picks on their roster and were able to get KD and kyrie, and harden to an extent, because of that

  19. Is that why Twitter as a public company couldn't and never make a profit?

  20. No? There are other tech companies with great WLB that have done well. Heard of Google?

  21. I can write ML models, webcrawlers, modern websites in React, Blazor, APIs, write SQL and visualize data.

  22. It’s a simple screen to filter out people who struggle with basic math

  23. He kinda missed the bigger part of publicly-funded stadiums, which are for school teams rather than pro teams. There's 75,000+ seat stadiums in nowheresvilles like Ann Arbor, Michigan and Lincoln, Nebraska and Tuscaloosa, Alabama - all built and maintained by public schools, who pay no taxes and claim to be so poor they need to increase tuition every year.

  24. I feel like you should have done some research before writing this statement…

  25. Canada has a pretty streamlined path for international students to get permenant residency and eventual citizenship

  26. Yeah a lot of US workers who can’t get visas go to Canada as well

  27. I mean does all the swallow wort, bitter sweet, and Virginia creeper that kills my native trees have souls?

  28. Are you in the US? Virginia creeper is not invasive as it’s native in most of the US, east of Utah / Colorado

  29. Bought the house last year and moved in July, so this is the first time I’ve seen them bloom. Previous owner was a VP of the local rhododendron society. I don’t know much about them yet, but apparently some rare species plants. Some are labeled.

  30. Probably because they put some bougie new Petland in Upper Arlington by the Market District. They know they can swindle dumb rich people to buy $4000 puppy mill dogs.

  31. I mean, there’s a UA group that’s actively protesting puppy mills and we’re heavily involved in protesting the stores that just closed + the new petland in kingsdale

  32. Seeing as your original comment was based of his performance when he was injured… talk about reactionary

  33. So when he’s plays bad it’s because he’s injured? Because this game was literally 2 days ago lol

  34. I mean he was objectively injured, were you watching or did you just check the box score?

  35. If you’re not flaunting, why say how much you paid for your model T? You know that’s like a lot of peoples base salary in Los Angeles, ALOT. And if your neighbors are spending that much on vehicles I’m gonna go ahead and say you make a lot of money, and in turn, you just had to let me know by saying how much you paid for your car lol

  36. damn if you’re broke lil homie just say that

  37. Half of Tesla drivers in this city are maniacs with a racecar driver complex and the other half are safety extremists who drive 30mph and come to a complete stop before right turns.

  38. The latter half either have Tesla insurance or they’re trying to get into the FSD Beta 🤣

  39. Motherfucker heard yall talking. Historic game from Jimmy G

  40. If the Heat beat the Warriors in the finals, the same Heat team that LeBron beat… 🤣🤣🤣

  41. Wow that’s a causal Friday at 5pm PST announcement

  42. They definitely planned that news dump, right before a long weekend too

  43. This is what Dwell does to everyone who leaves, formally or informally. It's part of what makes them a cult.

  44. This. I’ve seen them do this to 3 separate friends. It’s so cruel

  45. To each their own, I love how they stay green and lush all year when most of my shrubs are just brown sticks

  46. Yeah I plant rhododendrons because they stay evergreen in zone 6 and they’re beautiful all year long

  47. Do rhododendrons really get that big? Holy shit

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