1. Maybe it's a slur in different language. What was it?

  2. They really shouldn’t be changing names based on that. Literally every word will be a slur in some other language.

  3. Are you saying you've had aids? Trust me if there's a dying man the doctor they hire will give zero shits as long as you don't say that out loud.

  4. That’s so mean lmao okay if he gets arrested then he’s Michael Jackson

  5. I mean it’s not that him getting arrested is what makes him Michael Jackson. It’s just him in general looking like Michael Jackson is the thing. Plenty of people get arrested all the time. Doesn’t make them go HEEHEE at times.

  6. Given the racist history of California's weapons laws I don't think that the field applied definition of "dagger" is as clear as you present it as. First they went after the Chinese, then the Mexicans, then Italians, and then the Black Panthers (and other groups along the way). The legislative record for those sessions is extremely clear that the laws they wrote were targeting specific groups.

  7. Actually, I think Zacian would have been a counter to pre nerf Gengar. As Long as Zacian laid out sacred sword, Gengar would be stunned and shut down hex spam.

  8. The fuck you been doing to your car? You went flying with that thing?

  9. because people want to pretend that davis has this super thriving social atmosphere when it’s really dry af.

  10. It used to, but if I recall there was a bunch of city ordinances made to limit the nightlife after a stabbing occurred at one of the bars. That pretty much killed the social atmosphere.

  11. How you meet people cause I also want to

  12. The trick is to go through life. Eventually you’ll bump into someone with common ground. Seem interested in what they do, ask if they want to talk later, go from there.

  13. Interesting. So what if my SBR identified as a single shot shotgun?….

  14. Then you’re a bigot. It doesn’t count if it’s inconvenient to leftists.

  15. Why not just get a Bolt EUV for $30k, maybe better trim for $32.5k, and secure a sweet taxpayer-funded $7500 credit?

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