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  1. I'm on Wellbutrin which is an atypical antidepressant sometimes used off-label for ADHD as well. It's not considered a stimulant in the traditional sense but it's an NDRI with mildly stimulating effects. It's been helpful for my anhedonia and lack of drive.

  2. I’m very into quitting this too. I vape from disposable vapes so I can’t really control nicotine %. Do you suggest just taking less hits?

  3. Get a caliburn and some cartridges. Probably the most painless/affordable way to control intake.

  4. It's... I don't know how to explain it. I don't like burned burgers and when I grill them my preference is to have them nice and tender with at least a little pink in the middle. Yet seemingly all my friends and family, including my wife who's from South America, want their burgers nice and toasty.

  5. Don't like mine toasty but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to have any pink in ground beef.

  6. Random people comment about high skill levels in Oblivion.

  7. In Morrowind you can skip a part of the main quest just because you're famous enough.

  8. Serious question, do people avoid saying redneck? I promise I’m asking this legitimately, not trying to argue / start something.

  9. It's fine to use as long as you don't drop a hard r when you say it.

  10. Then it's not what I'm talking about unless of course your bare skin is touching fabric on a bed, couch, or other furniture :-)

  11. I sleep on a giant silver slab to protect myself from vampires and lycanthropes and only sit while suspended in a full body harness from my ceiling fan, actually.

  12. Fuck off asshole. I'm sorry for sharing what works for me. Lesson learned.

  13. I wasn't trying to make fun of you or insult you. Was just being silly at 5 AM while I was somewhat inebriated. My apologies.

  14. I'm actually in a Counseling graduate program and did a research piece on spirituality's role on addiction treatment.

  15. Not anymore. Those dipshits decided they were gonna sell NFTs and that caused YouTube to notice them and shut that shit down. It'll still work for now, but you can't download it anymore

  16. Yeah I heard about that right after I got a new phone. There's still some way to download it, currently, but soon it'll be unusable. Fucking NFTs.

  17. People replace drugs with God. They activate the same parts of the brain.

  18. stoners advocate for marijuana legalization. evangelicals advocate for..?

  19. Are you being sarcastic? I can't tell. Evangelicals just take it a step further than stoners with dominionism in trying to force their religion into public policy.

  20. Try dragging one through a pipe while they're hooked to a wall. They go flying, as does slugcat.

  21. I went through the same thing after not cutting my hair for years and letting it grow out. Burned through a few hairdressers/barbers. Each time it was uncomfortable or I felt strange or the environment was too much.

  22. I really want some of that 60s dirt weed where you had to be a joint in before you felt anything. I take one hit nowadays and it's far too much.

  23. I was being slightly hyperbolic on the dirt weed part. I would like weed that's considerably weaker though. People say go for a low THC high CBD strain but even those get me good after just a single puff.

  24. I'm more confused why he has a laptop on top of a laptop.

  25. It's a phenomenon known as screen stacking. Very common amongst the younger folk.

  26. Based on the quote from the police department, the message is, "Toy guns scare cops. Scared cops kill people. Don't be a statistic. Toy guns: not even once."

  27. "Fact: In 100% of fake gun related shootings, the victim is always the one with the fake gun."

  28. I don't have many choices since I live in a village and I have no driver license to move to another towns or cities

  29. Please don't ask people here to help you kill yourself.

  30. downpour will release with some AI fixes to them (there's also better behaved beasts which is the port of that for now)

  31. Ah, that's good to hear. I've been stuck on farm array for days because of these guys. Feel like I'm playing some old, notorious section of a bad n64 game with how buggy and inconsistent these things are and I'm genuinely considering going through shoreline or drainage system just to get around them.

  32. We have had some good threads on this in the past I very nearly dug up to link to, but at the time nearly everyone was INxx with no shortage of INFP and INFJ despite some pretty solid reason to expect that StPD maps to INTP best. It looks like we have a few more extraverts in this thread however. I'm an INFP and have felt that if someone were to get too fanciful in their speech or thought processes, also be at risk of getting stuck in their head, and start losing the battle against trait neuroticism especially where it comes to trusting others, then that sounds like it fits INFP just as well.

  33. I also score as INTP and 5w4. Strange how that works out. I don't really buy into how much these tests actually track personality or determine behavior, but it does say something about how people live in communication with the world around them. Interesting to see how much similarity there is between folk on the schizotypy spectrum and how they score.

  34. Oh niiiiice, you have the picture-perfect typing for it! I am slowly climbing down from thinking about everything with a personality typing filter. I was so extreme about it at times I probably seemed borderline delusional about it. It seems easy to expect that anyone with even just Schizotypal traits would be an extremely cerebral introvert, but realistically it's not even clear that Schizotypal has to come with introversion on the trait level. I had a couple of friends who thought it was an outrageous joke that I be considered an introvert, which is a little hilarious to me.

  35. I think people also have a skewed idea of what introversion looks like. I get very drained through social situations, moreso when it's a situation I'm not comfortable within. But before the energy runs out, I can appear outspoken and somewhat expressive.

  36. Absolutely. I think it's two parts for me. One is that I don't come off as very judgmental and am very outwardly calm. Another is that certain types of people (like borderline and bipolar) tend to gravitate toward me when they meet me, and they tend to overshare.

  37. I've heard kcd is really rife with bugs , I've finished greedfall but I would really look into nier series

  38. KCD used to be very buggy. When I first played it, I'd go to an alchemy bench and the protagonist would just slowly start rising through the roof of the hut and the far up into the sky, only falling and dying when I quit using the bench.

  39. Do we have any info about the church in question? It's obvious from their rhetoric they are nutty, but I wonder how much of the OP's captions were false inferences if you look at it in-context.

  40. The inferences seemed like extrapolations. If you think religious sorts haven't been trying create a theocracy in America, though, you need to open your eyes. A simple example is to look at Mormons in Utah entering politics to inform the policy of Utah to fit their beliefs better.

  41. If you jerk off to gay porn (or whatever you aren't attracted to) then it's okay. If you aren't attracted to the sex displayed in the adult film, your mind will be filled with disgust and averted from thoughts of sin and lust. At that point, nobody can say ejaculation is sinful. It's like thinking scratching an itch is sinful because it is pleasurable.

  42. If you've ever had an orgasm when you're so pent up that it hurts you physically, so much so that it makes your stomach hurt, then you'd know that it is not a pleasurable experience. It's like extracting a parasite burrowed into your body. If anything, combining that release with gay pornography, or something one does not lust over, associates that feeling with disgust, informing our bodies that generating so much sperm that it will cause pain is a negative thing the body should avoid doing. I would say it's essential to the recovery process when one has the opportunity and spurning God's will by neglecting it is a worse rejection of God than normal masturbation. He is trying to heal you.

  43. It might be more efficacious to narrow down specific symptoms you want to treat. "this" encompasses a lot of things and is pretty vague, but, to some extent, I feel it refers to something essential to our neurology that can't really be treated through conventional methods.

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