1. FT: shiny hawlucha and shiny toxicity (amped up) LF: shiny toxicity lowkey form, scarlet exclusive shinies, or dm with shiny offers

  2. Hawlucha is in Lux I believe and tox is in heal

  3. So if Eren Jaeger wasn’t born yet, how was he able to go back and see those memories and manipulate? Is it just because he was in that place where Ymir was and had Zeke (and possibly Historia) with him?

  4. When Grisha was talking to Zeke he said that he can only see what Eren shows him, which were the “bad” memories

  5. FT: shiny Jumbo eevee in premier ball. DM with offer

  6. I have shiny teddiursa for trade, looking for other shiny hisuian variants, open to offers too

  7. The instant save and ball spam was hilarious 😂 congrats!

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