1. Honestly, corporations should have an insane tax rate if they buy single family homes, like 80%

  2. Property tax escalators for non-homestead properties with a federal escalation minimum.

  3. The golf subreddits obsession with not losing a ball is bizarre.

  4. Leaving a box of pro v1s on the course if a flex

  5. I mean no but if you’re posting a score north of 105 and not losing a ball you’re probably playing too conservatively.

  6. Best feeling ever is not losing a ball regardless of score. Keep using the same ball next round.

  7. I would smash a ball a round with a sledgehammer if it meant better scores.

  8. If you have never broken 100 you should play a mulligan per 9 until you break it doing that, then try and do it without. The benefit here is it allows you a glimpse of what you can do which long term you’ll be better off.

  9. It was a rumor but not dealing Porcello plus a couple more guys for Halladay in 2009.

  10. I’d skip a hole while giving dirty looks

  11. The move is skip, finish that hole, double back and play the one you missed and then still get back out in front of them.

  12. I must say that when I went to the range today, I was not expecting much. The second and third videos were kind of a good warm-up to kind of feel the hands and feel taking the club away with the butt and first. But the first video really hit home with me in that I was trying to keep my left arm straight and keep the lag in the full lever and hit in front of the ball. What really happened for me and it was freaking beautiful was that I just went back nice and slow and then let all of my hips and shoulder do the rest of the swing. And Bam I was hitting 20 to 30% further and a much straighter/consistent dispersion that I’ve ever hit before. Cheers to the original OP for those links in that previous post.

  13. Just curious but what distance before and after with say a 7 iron?

  14. Lodge/696/Telegraph interchange. You’ll have people doing near 100 in left while people are doing 30 in the center trying to exit left.

  15. Started playing golf about 4 years ago, but really got into it over the last year. Starting to make some serious strides with my swing, especially with the driver. Trying to break 100 for the first time in my life this weekend. We'll see how this goes

  16. It’s more of a mental strategy for breaking 90 but add 1 stroke to every hole and play that as par. So for you a par 4 is now a par 5, a 3 is a 4, 5 is a 6. It takes some pressure off that approach shot.

  17. Not sure it's too unpopular here, but OB rules are bullshit and I don't play them (unless I were in a tournament or official setting). Pros barely deal with white stakes OB and always have spectators finding their shots. Stroke plus distance is far too harsh for an average player.

  18. It’s really annoying when the fairway is super narrow and it’s thick woods on both sides. Courses should just mark it red and some do.

  19. Local Rule E-5 is a good fit for this. You just drop a ball in the fairway and add two strokes. It will keep your game within the rules and maintain the integrity of the handicap system.

  20. Also a good rule is just drop where you watched it roll in. If you aren’t by woods or water then just drop and play on. If tour pros can have a search party for every shot you can take a free drop vs searching for the ball forever.

  21. Except when it's so soft your ball lodges into the ground. That's an unfair condition and gallery rule makes the most sense.

  22. You get relief from a plugged lie in the actual rules.

  23. Most guys I've played with that take mullies shoot a 104 and say they shot an 82. Of course, this is anecdotal.

  24. There’s a big difference between guys who play 1 per 9 or 1 per 18 and guys who play “1 per 9 but also quick reload, whites as reds, topped driver hit another a couple times, lie improvements, etc.”

  25. This is a great idea, if you're using mulligans, why bother scoring at all? At least this restores some balance

  26. Nobody playing competitively would let someone use mulligan after mulligan. You’d have none at all or some ground rules in place. People use them in a casual round because who the fuck cares it’s their money.

  27. Set a 5am alarm and tee’d off at 5:30 this morning so I could get a round in before work. First time playing golf before work and I just gotta say, it fucking rocks. Little coffee and bec on the way in and once there I was the only person on the course aside from the greenskeepers. I got my round done in an hour and 15 min, and shot my best card this year so far. Don’t know why I haven’t done this more often

  28. Delete this. Let the masses play 2.5 hour evening 9s behind leagues.

  29. The golf Reddit at it again with this guys broke 40 with a mulligan post. I know it was bait but love the dudes passionately arguing another guys 84 doesn’t count because he hit a second ball during the round for fun a couple times.

  30. I shot a 78 yesterday but listened to country music at a medium/high volume. Does that still count?

  31. here's some more of God's Moral Code they keep forgetting:

  32. Christians in America largely follow a civil religion which blends parts of Christianity with a reverence for America’s past. The flag itself is as holy a symbol as the cross to many.

  33. Maybe a dumb question but is there much variation in golf majors in terms of playing styles being suited? In other words big hitters generally win a certain major vs guys with great short game in another.

  34. Absolutely...that 3-3 hurts but the one thing that absolutely pissed me off was that offside it still does to this date

  35. I mean 0-2 to Chelsea hurt the most. Title was lost on that day.

  36. I refuse to believe the percentage of people on here saying they never take gimmes or mulligans is as high as it is.

  37. Gimmes? 100%. Do people actually take muligans unironically? Surely not.

  38. The sport will not wither and die because someone new to the game takes a mulligan or two. It will probably help them long term.

  39. Why do so many pro golfers have gambling issues?

  40. Difficult to turn off the competitive drive to win. Some people need it 24/7.

  41. A lot of companies are hiring entry level positions in low cost countries. Especially now that they know remote work is effective.

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