1. Shes not enforcing any of this onto anyone, taking into account this is instagram, you can choose to ignore it and scroll past it.

  2. ...not finding anyone attractive, like porn etc does nothing for you, unless you have an emotional connection with them AND being open to having a non hetero relationship is standard normal huh?

  3. I mean idk, I’ve met people who claim to be demisexual such as my ex-gf but would acknowledge who’s attractive and whatnot

  4. Who is the person on the right side? A kid or an adult

  5. Didnt the danish mock the Moroccans who celebrated their success with their mothers with pictures of monkeys?

  6. As if Reddit isnt, tbh most social media apps are toxic

  7. Thats just a shite reason honestly, even other apps that are not affiliated to China will still violate your privacy.

  8. Im from Rome but the thing is Rome literally feels like living in southern Italy. There’s a reason why many people would have rather preferred a city like Milano rather than Rome

  9. Well. Sacking Pioli is inevitable if he doesnt manage to somehow turn it around in the next 1 or 2 games. The moment every player is playing like shit is the moment the coach becomes the main issue. And this has been happening for the last 3 or 4 games.

  10. I’m not gonna watch any other Milan game tbh, I’m done

  11. I have a friend who’s girlfriend is 18 like him but she looks like a 9 year old, it’s weird but you can’t do anything about it

  12. It legit would be the same story if you did the poll for the madrid or Barça’s subreddit lmao

  13. Funny enough, this is a Dante Alighieri reference and people just full ballistic against the Bible

  14. Then you would be incorrect. The point of the bill I sent you is to clarify that only the Jews of Israel have the right to self determination, and everyone else doesn’t.

  15. Yes, you’re correct and I made a mistake there; nonetheless, you haven’t answered my other question yet, have you seen how Israelis are treated in Palestine? Arabs can still live in Israel and have voting rights as well whereas Israelis can’t even go to Palestine.

  16. Me ne frega un cazzo, trieste e italiana 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  17. The shit that 40 yr old men wear to go to the gym

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