1. That is most certainly what I thought about you. And I have definitely been trying to help you see it. But you've found yet one more accusation. Any others? Where'd that bag of accusations go? I know I saw it around here somewhere. Oh, there it is! You have it! Well, I didn't much need it anyway. So have a blast I guess. But I'd really suggest that you bury that bag, and find that bag of love instead.

  2. Whatever, I'm done here. You clearly have lost the plot, my final advice to you is, stop accusing people. Just stop, work on yourself before worrying about others. Work on how you talk to people. This entire experience has been wholly unpleasant and shown nothing Christlike on your part. If you want the final word here, go for it, but understand that none of this has reflected well on you. If you feel the need to lie again though I will call you out on it. People should be aware that you are a wolf in sheep's clothing. Also I haven't blocked you and I'm not going to, you are welcome to block me but drop the lying about it. Bye.

  3. Oh, goodness, gracious, the born again believer is not to put themselves under the curse of the ministry of death.

  4. While I don't care for the tone of your writing, I can see what your thought process is. However, two 'huge' verses regarding the law are these:

  5. It seems to me like he would have had to have a "vision" of the mountain before, or as, he was drawing it. Of course, visions are mentioned all throughout the OT. Some bibles call the book of Isaiah, the Vision of Isaiah, as I recall... and likewise for other prophetic books in the bible. I don't know if any of that was helpful, but

  6. You do realize the devil is the source of pedophilia, rape, serial killings, tortures, beheadings, incest, theft, and any stinkin' little or big thing that hurts people, right? Also, he is stubborn. He could have pled to God for mercy long ago, but it seems to be a rivalry for leadership. In which case, the devil knows he has already lost, but continues to hurt people intentionally. Have you ever met someone who you try to teach, and they act like they are changing, but then really are just deceiving? This reminds me of the devil's way. He just doesn't seem to "want" to stop his torments and murders and thefts. Why should God forgive all of that? It's traumatizing to even think about too much... and sickening.

  7. Look up ArchaicChaos file on this topic. This scripture does not mean what you think it does…

  8. It doesn't appear to me, to be easily google-able. Do you have a link by chance?

  9. Oh no, lol. God bless your heart, but I am "not" trying to read that many posts on John Chapter 1. In the past, I have felt the need to share a post in more than one community. In that event, I either copy/pasted the post again, for the readers. Or, I copy, pasted, updated, or copied sections of a few posts, for the reader. I must apologize. It's just that I have a deep desire to read what God says, more than what man says (in large quantities). But I still feel the need to share/contribute/learn from reddit posts, but if it's too long... it just looks like it could take days to keep responding to... and that's too long, imo. Thank you for sharing the link, however. I could always change my mind (or have God steer me in your direction) later. Sometimes I think I'm driving, but God changes my course and steers me in another direction.

  10. I think some people know that their calling is to be a professional minister, prophet, etc. And I think other people are called simply to minister to their brethren as God sends the opportunities. But I don't know that everyone has to "label" it or try to call the shots. Most times, I think many of us let God take the wheel and steer, while we let the Holy Spirit lead us, and do our part to help as often as we can.

  11. Nothing is exactly coming to my mind that relates very much as far as scripture goes... well not exactly. Except in the case where the wicked ones often reap the "worldly" rewards on earth, and the humble and poor often reap the "heavenly" rewards after death. So I guess the persecution verses are possibly most in line with your story.

  12. And one last thing, until you learn to love me... as a sister (I'm an old lady), then we'll never be able to relate to one another with an open discussion of kindness and thought-sharing. Until then, someone will just be thumping a bible... but the love was lost. And that is the biggest part of the 2 greatest commands mentioned by Jesus. You know them... I'm sure.

  13. I have to say, since you've taken the opportunity to tear a strip off of me, that it's also important to make sure the monster you are building in your mind, based on some text on a screen, accurately portrays the personality of the person you are passing judgment on.

  14. Now see. When you say a thing like that, it's endearing. Not because you think I'm building you as a monster, of course. But because you are saying to me that you are not a monster, and that you don't want to be labeled as one. That's good... because it reaches out. And I am thankful. And I'm going to tell you, when I had to learn to stop being so, "Here's the facts! Let's get to 'em!" And I had to learn to be more, "Let's take a deep breath and find out what this person needs, or what I can say to help them," then my kindness grew, and my words seemed less aggravating. It wasn't easy, and I still can occasionally miss how stern my words come off. It IS a work in progress, and we all need the exercise.

  15. Just a note, regarding the "principled love" aka agape, according to some folks. The word may have been used in scripture, but scripture also says that God chastises us as a father chastises a son. I believe He has shown us how dearly He loves His children. "Principled love" sounds like some sort of responsibility. It is very stoic sounding and almost lifeless. God clearly says He is a zealous God. When I think of God's love, I actually think of a fatherly love, not merely a sense of responsibility.

  16. I think the bible clearly shows us that God does not love the wicked.

  17. Yes. And in dreams they can make it hard for you to speak Jesus name. They can lock your jaw, hold your tongue, and many other things. This is why people of the world call it sleep paralysis, but for those who know that demons are real, they experience something deeper because we know we experience demonic oppression. They can send others to tempt you while you are tired. You must be vigilant when these moments come upon you. Speak His name before anything else happens. Even if you have to say it in your head. He will hear you, but it’s better if you can say it out loud for they will flee fast. Remember how strong our King is that his name alone makes them tremble. Stay in the word and if you get tired leave the word on audio. Play worship music that sings psalms only. I hope this helps. I love you very much. God bless. Shalom.

  18. The staff was used to shepherd the sheep. Meanwhile, the rod would be used as a weapon in the event of a wild beast harming or threatening the sheep.

  19. Yes dear. And what do the shepherds do with the staff? They guide the sheep, and that is why I think of guidance. However, I like your concept of the "rod." Still, in being used as a weapon or as like a sceptre... they both are indicative of a ruling party. Thus, it can still be conceived to be rulership and guidance of the Lord that comforts.

  20. Thank you. I agree that encouragement and rewards can be good when balanced with teachings of humility and temperance.

  21. I tend to just pick up the bible sometimes and start reading anywhere to feel encouraged. Just knowing God is alive, here, and watching over us is enough for me I'd say.

  22. There is actual "power" in the Holy Word of God aka the Holy Bible. People experience this power and God-given blessings, when they put the commands of God to work in their lives aka obeying the Word of God. They experience visions, receive the Holy Spirit, speak in tongues, see Jesus, prophecy, etc. Also, God begins to "speak" to people when they take the bible to heart, believe in God, believe in Jesus, and believe in the Holy Spirit. God can speak to people in several ways. Some people "feel" God's presence. Some feel God moving them to do good things in the world. Some people see signs. It may sound hard for many to believe, but your bible is a "very" powerful book. The Living Word of God.

  23. I don't know that you can include God's Holy Angels. It's possible, but I just don't see it, because the Israelites were warned in Exodus I think it was, that a messenger would go before them, and basically they had better not mess up, because the messenger wouldn't suffer, because he had God in his heart. I'll look for that verse in a moment.

  24. I was just trying to point out some flaws in your thinking in as kind of a way as I can. That's why I said "not trying to be argumentative". You had a condescending tone in your comments- at least that is what I percieved. Perhaps you percieve a condescending tone from me. If that's the case I apologize because that is not my intent.

  25. I like your attempt at peacemaking. Oh, sorry for slow response. It's a busy time for me this week. Anyway, that's noble and biblical of you. Yes, I did feel that people were being condescending to the person who said that rap and Christianity don't mix. And I hate it when people do that to other people, especially without asking questions about "why" they feel that way.

  26. Wow. So long-winded. I wasn't referring to your comment as hasty, but the one that this thread is responding to. You certainly make a lot of assumptions and desire to come across as mature and wise, but just because you're old doesn't mean you're automatically more mature in thought and spirituality than others.

  27. Bitter much? See Ephesians 4:31 and Hebrews 12:15 while I get some rest, dear.

  28. I have been listening to these songs on the radio lately and have discovered that the secular music is focused on sex drugs fornication alcohol over abuse abuse, and any possible thing that you can think of that would be contrary to the Scriptures. But I only have an AM/FM radio and only the FM comes in and I can’t find any stations right now that come in where I am so I am forced to scramble every station and every communication on the telecommunication airwaves. Did you have fun with that statement? I hope so.

  29. In addition to the OP's advice, you can also use your phone. Pandora will pull up some real good Christian songs. You could try starting stations from these songs if you like:

  30. πŸ™βœοΈπŸ™ Yes. Praise God! πŸŒ»πŸ™‚πŸŒ»

  31. I can’t think of much more precious to God than teaching children about the kingdom of God

  32. Have you tried Bible Gateway? I know I'm able to read it offline, but I don't use the audio bible. I prefer to imagine what the voices would sound like on my own. But I think it has both an audio version(s) and a bible in a year plan.

  33. Numbers 23:19 God is not a man, that He should lie. Neither the son of man that He should repent: hath He said, and shall He not do it? Or hath He spoken, and shall He not make it good?

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