1. The patch names are always so swanky and memorable

  2. a furry and a scaly deal with their unspoken sexual tension on the set of the live action Flinstones movie

  3. Are the furry and the scaly Optimus Primal and Beast Megatron respectively?

  4. I was thinking Rattrap and Dinobot, but yours works too!

  5. Idc I love them all. I will not choose.

  6. Optimus: Gen 1, Beast Wars, and Animated

  7. Tarn's entire character is that he's a loser phanatical nerd. His silly look is the point

  8. Post G1 shows are cursed to never get past three seasons. I am convinced there will never be a post G1 series that sees a season three. Including the current series Transformers Earthspark will only get at most three seasons it’ll end around 2025-2026 whether it be naturally or do to other bullshit ranging from finances to WW3.

  9. Right?!? Like did they actually read what op said? PGR is literally objectively better than SOME PC RPG games. This is just a factual statement.

  10. I have 4 freds, but not as perfect as this one, i still have 3 resonances to fix on mg freds xd

  11. That's good. I was worried you spent all these resources on Patton instead of Fredrick

  12. With this whole "CN won't except it excuse" has there ever been any example of a CN server going ballistic over something Global got that they didn't that isn't from Honkai? I've literally never heard of an example of something like that happening that isn't from Hoyoverse. I swear Global mfs vastly overestimate how much CN gives a shit about them.

  13. is selena cappricio included in the s rank selection?

  14. I wonder if we will get free 6 star weapon selector too

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