1. By the way, I reposted this because last time the description wasn't there. xd

  2. Mint. Fucking anything mint. I wouldn't have sex with Ariana Grande if she smelled like mint.

  3. I would say ocean, but that depends how deep you are. If that shits pitch black, i'm having a damn panic attack.

  4. Back in elementary school, my homeroom teacher said "ass" in front of the whole class. No one said anything, but in our tiny ass minds we were saying "HOLY SHIT IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED"

  5. When did you start becoming a serial killer?

  6. Some large looking roadkill, and I mean LARGE. Looked like a person-

  7. Use the fucking condom dumbass

  8. Literally what I was gonna type, but I decided to read the comments just in case.

  9. My dad finding his stolen sex doll in my closet. The conversation was 75% awkward silence.

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