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  1. I just want the TSMC chip I'm happy with everything else.

  2. Before I got rid of my depression and GAD I used to vape all day every day like a 1000mg cart every 2 days and many other drugs before that. Now i rarely do it because I just don't need it anymore but it did help at the time.

  3. I don't go out without a knife clipped to my belt and considering getting a gun (a suggestion made by my local cops).

  4. The same cops that will gladly arrest you for not having a impossible to obtain conceal carry permit.

  5. That's what I told them and they told me that law charged and it's easier to get it now.

  6. I would be fine with that. Individual landlords are very different from industrial/commercial landlords.

  7. Yes, they absolutely are and should be treated differently.

  8. The way they are treated differently is if you are a corporate landlord, you pay far less taxes, have far fewer benefits, and have much less liability. It is reversed from how it should be.

  9. How did she get anyone to impregnate her? IVF?

  10. I'm using an eSIM in tmo with no issues most of the time.

  11. I've been using it since February and only had 1 issue about a month ago when my data stopped working and had to install another eSIM to get it working but no issues other then that.

  12. the only thing about this that doesnt make sense is u listening to maroon 5 /j

  13. Thanks, I've just had skittles and MySpace references though so I figured it was the colors.

  14. I have an SD and haven't really noticed any difference but there are other bugs so you never know. Did you clear your cache partition? That can reset the adaptive battery and it might need to relearn that again.

  15. Yeah, I cleared cache. I'll give it a week or so and I hope the battery life will be better.

  16. Yep, every time I do that my battery sucks for a few days.

  17. I don't write or draw but it's great for fine manipulation for text and graphics, I run at 650 DPI so it does come in handy.

  18. I use mine at full volume and boost it with wavelet since I bought it in February and no issues.

  19. I have 2 of them and definitely gonna upgrade the one I carry with me to the S23U just for the TSMC chip if nothing else. The one I use at home dunno yet that remains to be seen.

  20. "I don't give a shit, I'll go to Riker's for 4 or 5 years just to prove a point"

  21. I've had this exact one for like 5 months. It's ok but doesn't support far charging so while using it, it does keep the battery at the same level but doesn't actually bring it any higher. Depends how you use your phone but I prefer a separate power bank most of the time. It also makes my phone heat up a lot and thermal throttle.

  22. I have those and liberty 3 pros. They almost sound the same but I hate the life design.

  23. There's also CAPods. It lets you modify settings and do firmware updates of your AirPods on Android. They just released a WearOS companion app .

  24. I installed the dot but still needs a lot of work. Way too early to ask for $5 for features that don't work properly though, there should be a timed trial at least. Even AOD notify that i actually use has bugs in it. I don't have air pods but still nice to know. I like my soundcore liberty 3 pros. I have buds pro too but only use those as my backups they're not loud enough.

  25. Yeah. I paid way too much. But still worth the try though.

  26. Yeah lol I but too many gadgets that end up in the drawer and apps that wind up in deep sleep just because I'm bored.

  27. Somehow I don't think the weed diet plan would work out.

  28. I've stopped making a long time ago. Take it or leave it.

  29. I'm high functioning level 1 but it doesn't mean I don't need support in not really sure those are appropriate labels to apply in general. When I'm feeling good I can take care of myself but unfortunately, that hasn't always been the case. I've lived alone plenty of times but I can't say that it was an optimal situation. I could probably be ok with a part time home attendant but that would not be the best solution.

  30. Ahh Imma have to look that up, you’re right. I was focused on all the other stuff.

  31. The other stuff is just cosmetic but I have no clue how you fix actual eyeballs.

  32. https://www.visioncenter.org/surgery/lazy-eye/

  33. Oh OK, that makes sense I hope he can see fine now.

  34. Lol, I'm not a big Spiderman fan more Batman and Rick and Morty, I Rickified my entire new bedroom! Do you get weird stares in the street?

  35. Sometimes, every now and again I get a “you know it ain’t Halloween yet?”, but for the most part I’m taking pictures with kids and adults, giving fist bumps, and helping out wherever I can. Some people even ask me to come to birthday parties, so I even make some money!

  36. Ha ha that's cool! I'm in NYC so no one would probably even care they're are much weirder things going on. As long as you're having fun!

  37. not quite evil enough, needs a death ray

  38. Deathrays are not required in the digital age there are much more effective solutions at hand.

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