1. A lot of the MUI gokus that are around 70$-80$ are real, but the sellers are inactive so you get but them.

  2. I got him on Ebay for about 135 GBP

  3. That’s tuff. I’d say Mercari since their prices are cheaper than eBay, but they’re all far from reasonable. Considering they started at about $60 to $70 last year

  4. No that’s reasonable, considering MUI Goku’s original retail price was $60

  5. Thanks man, I just realised I've had my SSJ4 Goku in the exact same pose for ages

  6. But if you preorder or buy him once he releases, he won’t arrive for at least a couple of months but if you wait maybe a month or two he’ll arrive in just over 1 week

  7. I'll order him in big bad toy store tho, cuz i just found out global freaks is a spanish site so I would have to pay extra for shipping

  8. Damn you could only take two pictures before the wrist peg broke. That sucks 🙏

  9. Nah, this isnt is the original body. This is the super Saiyan blue Vegeta body

  10. Damn I missed the ball on that figure 😅😂 I passed on him at Barnes and Noble for $45 I I remember right

  11. Oh damn that really sucks, I could feel my heart drop when you said the price

  12. They are the best third party company sometimes with figures on par with SHF’s but Kong studios sometimes has some QC issues but just like some loose joints

  13. Yes they’re great and they’re prices are so much better than BBTS or Amazon they are at least $30 less than on other website

  14. I know global freaks are sooo good! Fuck it if it takes 3 months to arrive

  15. Yeah. It’s really cool that most of his joints were double ball pegs, idk why they did keep doing it

  16. The sellers most of the time don’t even ship their products or if they do (which is a midacle) it’s could take up to 1 or 2 years

  17. Is that Trunk’s regular price or is that just a markup from BBTS?

  18. Which one bozo, and ways they were said to be those prices, did you think vegeta was gonna $5 smh

  19. I paid $48 for Bulma brand new & sealed if you’re wondering. Considering she went for $62 on pbandai, that’s pretty sweet.

  20. Yea I have seen those comments as well. I’ve had a great experience so far.

  21. Quick question, does trunks come with more base faceplates?

  22. Sorry I meant like “it needs to have more than one” or that would just be cruel like at lest a stern look and a smirk

  23. If you really want the UI sign demoniacal fit is releasing a UI sign figure in December 2022-January 2023 I wouldn’t miss out on it because it’s a rerelease and it comes with a stand and a ssb head all for $50 you can find him on 5Ktoys

  24. First off I’m sure this belongs under the discussion tag and I see no reason they shouldn’t do it they obviously have the license and KNY is super popular, they have a survey going I think maybe you can tell them they should add it there 🔥👍

  25. Ahh thanks, but where can I find the survey? P.S I forgot to change the tag💀

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