1. The Peter Jackson King kong game was epic fun if they made a monsterverse version of that I would buy in a heart beat

  2. In base forms I don't see how ghidorah can actually win, he never does any real damage whereas godzilla is capable of ripping off heads.

  3. Ye but shin didn't release in the west did it? Two American Kongs will probably confuse casual movie fans

  4. Okay so i see everyone saying “Ghidorah was only able to beat godzilla once he drained the city of its electricity/energy”

  5. I mean he did travel across the planet to get to him its not like the nuke hit him and then they fought.

  6. IIRC the amp wasn’t that substantial and really only helped with regenerating his lost head

  7. Still helped him, his weather manipulation seemed to get stronger too

  8. Godzilla as a baddy alpha titan that's the ultimate threat to man kind.

  9. Destoryah and Super Mecha Godzilla would have defeat Heisei Godzilla if not for rodan power up or Godzilla in meltdown.

  10. SMG got a boost mid fight and godzilla was distracted when he was shot in the back but otherwise ye he was toast.

  11. Oh, he would easily. Buring Godzilla was struggling bussing to beat him no way normal Heisei was winning.

  12. Tbf he's literally made of the weapon that killed the original godzilla so he's got that advantage already plus godzilla was in pain.

  13. This talk of a team up bothers me, if godzilla needs kong yet again then he doesn't really deserve the title king of the monsters. Ye I know he was tired by the time he got to fight mecha g but still.

  14. I feel like this one has to live up to not only GvK, but also KOTM because this one isnt the “title match” like GvK was. Im sure there will be more than one enemy monster, im hoping for a showa call back like megalon and gigan, or something like that.

  15. I'm so ready for gigan, always liked the design. I really want to see the spiral ray again too.

  16. Gigan! Coolest design I’d ever seen as a kid in the 70’s!

  17. Deffo showa gigan, such a weird and cool design and super fun to play in save the earth and destroy all monsters.

  18. Couldn't battra slowly dry hedorah out with a beam spam? Death by slow cooker.

  19. Destroyah. Fought Godzilla at his most powerful and danm near killed him. It took a joint effort from Burning Godzilla and the advanced military forces to bring Destroyah down as for the other monsters not saying it was easy for Godzilla to defeat them, but he has shown to be able to take them one on one.

  20. Godzilla was winning by the end though. However in this case it seems like a rock paper scissors scenario.

  21. One of the best godzilla movies imo. Definitely give it a watch. Its mothra baragon and ghidorah vs godzilla.

  22. I like the Kiryu/Legendary idea of starting out as the work of man that quickly spins out of our control. That aligns best with the themes of the original -- Godzilla is a nightmare about the hubris of man, and these Mechagodzillas really capture the idea that humans are not in control.

  23. Ye I think that ties in with original themes of the first movie well. On a side note, I was so sure they were going to use Dagons remains as the chassis of the mecha just like kiryu.

  24. So Gigan would be this alien parasitic organism that latched onto ghidorah when he fell to earth, Gigan would eventually develop into it’s fully grown state, resembling a non-cyborg version of Gigan,

  25. Thats a cool idea, was hoping they were going to go the cyborg route with mechagodzilla, using Dagon's skeleton as the chassis for the mech, but they never did.

  26. I wanna see a Godzilla fighting game like Godzilla unleashed but got todays tech! Or even destroy all monsters, loved those games and the one they released in 2017 just didn’t do Godzilla justice at all

  27. There is a modded version of godzilla save the earth thats currently got a demo. Look up godzilla STEM on twitter to see it

  28. They just made him a laser cannon. He used this breath like 1/2 the time he was on the screen, it wasn't interesting. And he was effectively an antagonist in his own movie. Kong was used much better.

  29. Director said godzilla could win if was at full power so at least that's something.

  30. Been there my friend, driving around and look away for a second and its goodbye logs

  31. Because it's a pickup truck and more based around refuel and recovery plus it's not the most powerful for hauling so making it a off-road truck would me probably no autonomous witch and it would let you down if it could haul a semi trailer I think short answer devs said why not

  32. The tuz is an offroad class but is able fit an autonomous winch

  33. So is a console and for cheaper is what I'm saying. As console optimization improves over this generation you will have a GPU that falls short to the consoles. That's why I'm saying go better than the 3060ti or just go the console route.

  34. I understand that but I have a huge library on steam and I love the customisation of a pc plus I use it for everything. Twin monitor setup etc

  35. The 3060ti is basically an Xbox Series X. There's not much point to get it unless it greatly outperforms current consoles, or is much cheaper than current consoles. The 3060ti does neither. The 3070 is more debatable but I wouldn't go less than a 3080

  36. There's a lot that's been written about it here, the short version is there's more PSI on a more narrow and hard tire so it can cut through mud to the solid ground underneath (assuming solid ground can be reached without the chassis dragging on the mud too)

  37. Interesting, I didn't think the game had tyre flotation mechanics. I understand that's a factor irl.

  38. Tire modelling is the raison d'etre of the Spintires/Mudrunner/Snowrunner games; it can't do transmissions, damage, or other stuff, but tires it does do

  39. I know spintires did but the physics feel different. Plus difflock and awd actually work properly in spintires.

  40. Yes I’ve done it before in a random game also the gmc mh9500 has awd in lake kovd

  41. Are those mediums? I tried a medium log frame add on in combination with a trailer on the cat CT 681, but no luck...

  42. White Western Star is one of my favorite trucks. Only thing that would make it better is if it could do crane+ bed+ trailer

  43. That would make it op. Its already great at everything.

  44. The 681 is one of the best off-road trucks in the game simply because of its ridiculous power. It’s like S+++++++, at least it feels that way

  45. I couldn't decide between 681 and 680, I bought the 680. Did I make the right choice? I know it hasn't got as much power but no silly axle.

  46. Not really so try to get the hulking zizk 605r if you have the dlc or the tayga or even mods if you don't have dlc

  47. Not using Russian trucks or mods in Michigan. I really liked the car 680 so I figured the 681 with a more powerful engine would be even better.

  48. As a fuel truck, yes. Limited suspension travel on the tandem due to how the Haulmaxx suspension has been modelled in the game is a bit of a let down, but on PC that can be easily fixed by updating a couple of parameters. With the too-heavy fuel tank attachment this setup works well (for me), even in rougher terrain.

  49. Used it loads for logging, its engine has so much power upgraded that it out performed my western star for heavy stuff.

  50. I remember that slope, P16 couldn't drag itself up that stretch of road with just long logs...

  51. Makes me think heavy trucks are pointless when they struggle like that. The whole point is that they give up fuel consumption handling and price so that they can haul massive loads.

  52. Intel UHD 630 graphics that came with the CPU (Integrated graphics). #Feelsbadman

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