1. Go to your profile tab all the way to the right, click my seller tools>>> my closet insights, and then look through all the info

  2. Thanks for replying! I found what you're talking about, but I don't see actual numbers available for a calendar year. It seems mostly just a tool for gauging how things are going depending on what graph you're looking at. I was able to order a sales report which was emailed to me, but it only shows your total amount of net sales.

  3. You have to look at the net and gross earnings and you can filter it by YTD. I usually just calculate out 20%

  4. I have had a buyer get pissed for a reason that baffled me and find me on other social media and threaten to have someone they knew in my city stalk & harass me

  5. I highly recommend a PO Box if you're sensitive to buyers having your address.

  6. Ive messaged people on the sale thread saying your experience is important to me, and I see that you rated me removing one star and reason said other. If you would please be so kind as to provide feedback so that I can do better in the future it would be much appreciated 😊

  7. It's funny you said that because I was looking at reviews for something on Ulta and one review that was 5 stars started off with "I've never left a 5 Star review on anything in my life, this is the first product that earned every star..." like damn lady, you sound like you walk around disappointed and miserable all day long lol

  8. 🤣🤣🤣 truth, and there are people like that!

  9. Please keep up updated!! What a lunatic! I can’t stand people like this! I actually watched a case on judge Judy SAME exact thing! The seller showed all the measurements in great detail, when the buyer received it she opened a case and said this looks like kids jewelry you blew up the picture to make it look bigger! Judy laughed and said are you blind she showed every measurement possible! People will do anything to get out of a sale they regret! Just take your loss, you didn’t like it so just move on, but don’t blame the seller!

  10. To update you, I responded with the nicer response (above) and said it was a bad moment on a bad day. she's said nothing and I don't anticipate a response or return case opened, she'll likely just wait out the 3 days.

  11. The breakdowns people come up with on that thread are hilarious

  12. Ahhh, that makes a lot of sense! Also you made this pop into my brain haha

  13. That is absolutely how I do math and my son with ADHD I've explained math like that to him before 🤣

  14. Literally me calculating bundle discounts 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. There's a best in shoes party right now so I shared all your shoes to it in case you're not a party sharer. New listings that have never been shared to a posh party before have their own feed in posh shows. There's the main feed, luxury, host picks, new with tags, and just in.

  16. Thank you! That's kind of you..I havent been on PM much today but so glad I mentioned my shoe sitch. My god those pics could use some work. Pulling those bad boys out for some upgraded photos soon!

  17. Check your email 🙂 they send notifications including the host who picked it. Check your spam folder.

  18. I turned off email notifications 😭 I can check. The posh party was today

  19. Go through your shares. Chances are the first person to share it in a string of sharers is your host. Look at the hosts for the party to get in idea of their profile pictures if that makes it easier

  20. I've added like 10 new listings today and crickets! And on a Friday, when people get paid! Booo🫠

  21. You can't sell perfume on site anyways, you were actually following posh regulations on something widely ignored, so not surprised you got a quick response in your favor.

  22. Info: they asked for the item for $15 + free shipping because they said they couldn't afford it. I reported the comment at first because I don't haggle in my comments and also I had just listed the item. I just wanted it off of my new listing. I felt a bit bad though, and did consider making them an offer but decided against it. A few hours later they commented again, this time asking for it $10 + free shipping. I guess they assumed since their comment was gone that I hadn't received it and they'd go lower 🤷🏼‍♀️. I then blocked because I was annoyed.

  23. That truly is disturbing they have such strong feelings about a shirt 😳

  24. In the 2nd borat movie where they show actual republican women discussing in their little meet up about how white people are going to become a minority by such and such date unless they do something about all the white 20-30 year olds waiting to have children (and not just getting pregnant and married like it's the 50s) THATS what the baby programs are about. Slowing down the pace of white minority

  25. Keep! I rehab vintage western boots and refinish them, the light gray color is popular and would sell quick so really you make out either way. If you keep them you can always take good care of them and sell if you need the extra $$$

  26. Protect them with a good leather conditioner so they're easy to keep clean

  27. Quickest I think I've ever blocked someone, this was within a minute, didn't give her the chance to cancel again 🤣

  28. Personal drama from another seller who was probably jealous his shows weren’t getting as big an audience. Apparently there are personal relationships at Posh helping certain sellers out more than others. It’s like high school. 🙄

  29. That's disappointing to hear... Poshmark needs to put on their big they/them panties and grow up.

  30. I heard this was happening too, but I didn't get it

  31. You have their address from the shipping label. File a police report and report it to the USPS inspector general as mail fraud is a crime.

  32. After you've done your due diligence and confirm she scammed you ABSOLUTELY do this!!!! Likely not her first time, and it is mail fraud and a serious crime.

  33. Likes for some people is basically window shopping and they usually never buy anything in my experience! I usually send the offer to likers 1 time after they like the item and then if they don't accept it, I don't send another 1. I repost everything once a month, my items will eventually sell but I'm not going to low-ball myself anymore than I have too.

  34. Once a month is so quick to delete your like base in my opinion, especially if you have unique or rare items.

  35. I understand your perspective but I don't really have any or very much Vintage Clothing and have no way of getting any. I just sell what I have in my inventory base, which is basically (Gently) Used clothing, shoes, and bags, etc. I look at the dates if available on the tags before posting, so far I have posted a Vintage Alfred Dunner Button Down Dress Shirt For women and have never had a like on it at all. I post them as I find them. In my experience just because it's liked doesn't mean they want it. I left my listings up for 2 years straight and no "liker" got a hold of me and said hey can you send me another offer on this item and I will accept it ASAP or buy it outright for full price... I shared all my available items everyday multiple times a day. So I got to where I reposted once a month, to keep my closet going, especially when I don't have the option at the time to post new stuff.

  36. That makes sense. Do you include measurements with your listings? When I started adding them a few yrs ago I got more buyers. Sounds like you're doing all the right things that work for you!

  37. Things are definitely slower after mid February but I didn't know if it was extra funds being spent on super bowl parties creating the slow down, or if it's the focus on lives.

  38. Logical thoughts. Did the purchase from the LIVE boost any closet activity? I've seen a number of Posh/Coffee invites with the promise of getting approved for LIVE shows if you attend. I just won't ever be comfortable with that venue for reselling. 😌 It's been fun while it lasted if this is the sole future of Poshmark.

  39. I joined a very social tight knit vintage jewelry live, and participated in the conversations. One of them bought a bundle from be buying at my automatic bundle pricing so that was nice.

  40. I suggest bundling alike items or same size items in groups of 3 or 5. Make sure you say Kids/Youth/Teen next to the size. Good luck!

  41. Sell them in small lots/bundles of similar styles, same sizes and items of same season. Example: 4 pairs of H&M shorts in size 8, or 5 pairs of jeans size 10. Unless they’re high end brands or niche/in demand items, price on the lower end. 4 pairs of shorts in the same size for $10-$12. Give steep discounts when someone bundles a few lots.

  42. According to a previous post this week, call them "well worn" and the foot fetishists will come for them 🤣

  43. 🤣🤣🤣She's probably SO offended right now too realizing she's been blocked~~** 😤clutch my pearls, such service!! * * huffs **

  44. Exactly lol this is the kind of buyer who will write a review on Posh saying the sellers are scammers and think buyers can't do math and try to steal their hard earned money lol 😂

  45. The kind of buyer that docs you a star because your tissue paper wasn't nice enough

  46. I got a crappy review from a buyer who bought a skirt, then complained she thought it was mini. I had all the measurements in the item description!

  47. That's infuriating! I just decided after a few of those experiences that it's such a small percentage it won't truly effect my numbers now that I've made 900+ sales and to just let it go. Deep breaths through gritted teeth lol

  48. Yeah it’s the only bad review I got. I was so pissed though - it’s not my fault you didn’t read the description!

  49. I had someone open a return case on a y2k Betsey Johnson necklace that was my sister's with all stones in tact beautiful pendant but the chain showed age which was disclosed verbally and visually. They were new to the site and complained who would sell a used necklace in their return..... Ummm, hi welcome to Poshmark..the platform for buying used stuff🙄😒???

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