1. Exactly! Spammers were the main reason i stopped playing this game for a while. The main culprits for me are usually the superman dick grabers clinging to walls, the tasmanian bayblades, and who could forget the circus clowns using that cheap infinite combo BS with Harley.

  2. This party is better off with kids beating those twerking pinatas with baseball bats.

  3. Me neither. I was expecting us to leave together but it seems like leo had other plans.

  4. I will upvote this all day. Mafia 2 is one of the underrated games of the last decade. I’m not even into crime drama or period movies about gangsters and this game was so well done it sits in my top 10.

  5. I remember playing this game back in the 2011 and just goofing around in the free roam but once i actually sat down to finish it today my whole perspective of the game changed. At the time I only saw it as another gta clone and I just hate myself for thinking that because this game had alot more to show off. The gameplay was just as good as i remembered it, the story/writing was amazing, the ost fits the tone of the game perfectly, and the graphics still holds up to this day. It has some nice hidden details too. Like when your car breaks down you can fix it by going up to the engine to fix it or if you rob a store you can steal the stuff thats in there. I just love this game so much

  6. Im guessing you were playing a fighting game or first person shooter right?

  7. As a wise bald man once said " what's with the sassy lost child"

  8. Wished you used the werehog scream. That shit gets me every time.

  9. Make the leaves read porn! This is not my dog! Question a dead stone! Let's just burn a touge!


  11. "My name is trevor, trevor the hedgehog. Im green and cool. My favorite color is orange. My main power source for my speed is jesus."

  12. Standing here, stand standing here, standing standing here, stand stand standing here.

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