This is Jean-Baptiste Kempf, the creator of VLC media player. He refused tens of millions of dollars in order to keep VLC ads-free. Thanks, Jean!

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. I didn't. Maybe some do but I don't remember anything like that.

  2. At first it did not. Like I've said, I woke up in my normal routine. Time to get ready for work.

  3. Is the generative voxel art thing a nft collection or something? Either way, looks rlly cool, keep em up!

  4. Indeed it was made this way to generate 2500 different nfts

  5. Put the camera lens in orth mode (bottom right corner) and then put depth of field on it (just click with your mouse the block you want to be crystal clear) and add more lego bricks around it, you could just copy and paste them. It would look so much better, but great model as it is!

  6. This is awesome! The only thing I would do would be to take that model, and put it into the newer magica voxel- then use the animation feature to make more repeating frames and use a program like adobe premiere or

  7. Well I mean he was just looking for the best opportunity, to move up in life, although going behind everyone's back, ruining Jan's plans, and putting the jobs of his employees in danger was wrong. Like Jim said, you can say what u want about Mike's terrible management style, but Mike wouldn't have ever done that.

  8. This already looks too novelty, just by this photo I would say putting at least those tacky color / designed bikes was a bad idea.

  9. Give them shower thoughts, all them to have their revelation of what their doing with their life, comfort them about their destroyed lives.... then when they dont be looking knock them out.

  10. This guy is a legend, need more people like this to resist those microsoft buyouts.

  11. For me, triangulating the faces (ctrl + t when in edit mode) fixed it, for all people who might find this post in the future.

  12. Those numbers are a code you use to download somebody else’s tune not to tune your car yourself

  13. Matchamking is not rigged. You are faced with people around your trophy count, and if you feel underleveled, then that means you are underleveled. I’d also be curious to hear what your deck is, and what the level of your cards and king tower are.

  14. My lvl is 10, and I don't have a consistent deck, I have tried like 30 different combos and lose with every single one. I really do feel like matchmaking is kinda rigged cause a while back one guy said that every time he changed his deck, matchmaking would take like ten seconds longer. Kinda sus, but then again I know Supercell is out for my money and nothing more, I never win in clash royale regardless

  15. It doesn’t show up anything when I click xapk installer

  16. wow, I didnt know the game was on android, I thought that dumb Steve Jobs bought em out.

  17. This is Nuts! Can you render one with the same angle as the first photo but in Orth?

  18. The way I do it is by taking a cube or plane, then switching to edit mode and subdividing into a grid. I also manipulate the cube’s proportions to add other things like sheep, etc.

  19. Man how did u get so good at blender? The vid is awesome! Any tutorials you followed to get this good?

  20. I watched this tutorial to learn a bit about the controls...

  21. The timecode is not in milliseconds, it’s in frames. You’re working on a 30 frames per second sequence. One frame is 1/30th of a second. So 1:29 isn’t 1.29 seconds. It’s 1 second and 29 frames (ie: one less frame than 2 seconds)

  22. Glad you enjoyed the video. You might also enjoy playing some alpha builds you can find on my subreddit channel:)

  23. Hey i make it with magicavoxel :) the Font is from

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