1. I'm gonna watch it today. The fact it's got good ratings and reviews means I'm in for a good time. So excited!!!!!

  2. The problem with DC is that they don't have strong villains. They need a Thanos.

  3. They may not contemplate their mortality but I promise if you threaten their safety they are going to run

  4. They get murdered all the time. Chickens gets slaughtered by foxes, hawks, jackals, wolves, even dogs all the time. The existence of chickens is to be murdered and consumed. There's nothing wrong with that. It's evolution and its' food chain.

  5. So because I refuse to slaughter a calf, I dont know how to cook? Do you slaughter baby animals often?

  6. So is London, and Florence for that matter

  7. Yup. If you're making good money then Florence/Firenze is the best. Beautiful architecture, old buildings etc. London can be fun too. Never been to Istanbul though.

  8. Of course I haven't seen all the footage, but he didn't seem to react until the officer of the left began cranking the arm up too high. The amount of officers out there that don't understand simple joint manipulation is astounding.

  9. If only they were sexier and with bigger boobs. The grinding against big boobs and a little bit of female domination... he might've been into it!

  10. You need to downgrade to a version that has script hook as the newest July 26th edition of GTA is incompatible with it (should be fixed soon but nobody knows when exactly).

  11. Calorie counting is a such a backwards way to look at losing/gaining weight it's ridiculous.

  12. Yeah well when you're eating liver like it's going out of style no wonder why he had issues. Could have just not eaten liver instead of packing on the carbs. I think he has fallen off the deep end a bit.

  13. Paprastas shipping - Itella. Man regis kažkiek pasitaisė, nes paskutiniai porą pristatymų buvo į namus, kaip ir sutarta, bet galiu paantrinti, kad prieš metus ar porą buvo visiškas bardakas.

  14. I've bought some from kuroneko shop

  15. Gal pirkai pas juos ramenų? Įdomu ar skanūs, o gal tokie pat kaip "bomžpaketai" kuriuos galima rasti paprastoj parduotuvėj?

  16. About a month ago I had a blast at the Biržų Rinkuškių Alus restaurant. You can try their beers and have a meal, they also have a shop next to the restaurant. The restaurant is called "Alaus Kelias" (rough translation "The Beer Path") and it's always full of people so you gotta reserve the table early on (especially if you wanna sit outside).

  17. No. You're eating the wrong foods then. Eat good meat plus some veggies and you will feel great.

  18. Just a theory. Still gotta try it. See, I usually go to sleep around midnight and I hate going to sleep hungry so I thought 7 would be ideal for me. Im gonna try making it 5 or 5:30 PM of course.

  19. Probably a furball, brush her and if she doesn’t go out you can buy grass for her to eat which can help.

  20. She goes outside and there's enough grass for her this time of year. It's been a few days and it seems to have gotten better but she gagged again now after a while and I am worried. I even tried to give her some olive oil.

  21. Man I really wish there was a legit zombie mode on gta5 lmao.

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