1. Jesus be making 'em swole these days, eh?

  2. It's also a racist trope found in 90% of Fantasy settings, not particularly specific to HP. Am I gonna not read/play Warhammer stuff just cause they're filled with stereotypes? Nah, I don't think so

  3. Isn't that also the point of 40k though? A fascist hellscape where the good guys are hype pseudo religious Nazis vs the pure evil of the chaos gods and every nightmare in-between?

  4. I get horrible nose bleeds all the time in winter. I was sitting here thinking i was very unsexy. Where are these people. I wonder if they'll buy pics of my nose bleeds.

  5. It's weird.. but i had the same issue, and got it solved with chemical cauterization.

  6. Can confirm. One of the most common protein sources for pet fish.

  7. Oh are these Bloodworms? My newt eats them

  8. A lot of the other difference have already been covered; one more is that French Leclercs evacuate the bore using internal overpressure from the collective CBRN system, while the export models have a separate compressed-air system that’s charged by the recoil of the gun (like that of AMX 30).

  9. Gen X here, still renting the same place for twenty years. We're very lucky. Finally in a place to save money for a house. If we stay lucky. Our millennial offspring still lives with us, they do contribute to expenses. We all are comfortable at this time and grateful.

  10. It's not a bad thing that most of us won't be as rich as the boomer generation - the generation that collectively is the wealthiest ever.

  11. Maybe republican voters have a humiliation kink?

  12. Was there an equivalent of this in the '80s or '90s? I don't remember spending crazy money on fads, but I was poor/tight

  13. Pokemon cards, POGs, beanie babies, cabbage patch kids.

  14. I killed a dozen of mice in the new house I moved to a year ago in February; just like the Russians. They keep coming back

  15. I mean yeah, but is that really a brag though? They hated Ohio so much they became astronauts to get as far a way as possible.

  16. Waging wars of religion is only really a justification for the goal of acquiring power and resources. Unity by division.

  17. Yeah but they probably wanted a sad episode at that point in the season for some other reason that maybe makes sense. So, all the smart characters are conveniently dumber in an uncharacteristic way, for just a little while, which is how most "smart people doing things" shows go on TV.

  18. I mean, it's a known issue in troubleshooting and ideation that people tend to tunnel vision really fast, and narrow options down too quickly.

  19. A friend of mine in the medical field says that House does legitimate illnesses and symptoms, but they don't even try to have a realistic diagnosis process because then the illness would get figured out straight away and there wouldn't be any drama in the show.

  20. Ppl believed them all right...they just didn't particulary care

  21. Truthfully, let's assume they did. Seems like a lot of people would.

  22. I literally once had a denier tell me a survivor came to his school to speak and said it wasn't as bad as it was made out to be. Unbelievable.

  23. I understand misremembering stats from studies and stuff. Remembering like that is hard, and easy to big fish.

  24. Im thinking plumbing so far. Im also sobering up from weed after years of smoking, so i can do an apprenticeship until i pass a drug test lol.

  25. Consider electrical too. Lots of ads near me offering paid apprenticeships without experience.

  26. Today you learned that just because someone says they did something, does not mean they actually did it or did it well.

  27. In whomever's defense, smoker tar management is a nightmare

  28. Plaster/drywall is porous. Gotta respect it. It'll absorb whatever wet fumes you throw at it.

  29. 99.99% of the time it’s not planned obsolescence it’s engineering trade offs.

  30. The problem with planned obsolescence is that people generally crave novelty.

  31. bengals fan here, you're right, looking through the comments i thought the same thing. thanks for not being a jackass, ggs

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