1. New chicken owner, we’ve had these two separated for a week while they had been getting over some sickness and they are acting normal again but still have a pale speck ish comb/wattle. We’ve kept them hydrated with electrolytes, plenty of shade, probiotics and dewormer (when they were sick) but still can’t seem to improve color. Any thoughts?

  2. Should have a little pink inside plus there’s no juice on the cutting board. Big sign it’s over done

  3. Pretty sure this is a Reddit issue, but in case it isn’t, pretty sure he gets it chill

  4. You might want to consider the CBA - chromatic button accordion. The CBA layout is better in every respect than the PA layout. Anything a PA can do, a CBA can do in half the space, with half the lateral hand movement. The only advantage a PA has is the transference of skills from the piano, and the availability and cost of instruments and teachers. B or C system isn't a great consideration - they're mirror images. Diatonics are also a lot of fun but they're best for specific genres in specific keys. Chromatic instruments are better 'generalists.'

  5. I’ve seen this same sentiment scattered throughout the subreddit, and definitely am leaning towards something chromatic/button style. I figure my best bet is trying out as many as possible in a store before deciding 👍

  6. Test driving some, especially to get a feel for what tuning sounds good to you, is a good idea, assuming you have a semi-local store.

  7. I’m in Georgia near ATL, I’m crossing my fingers there’s at least one spot near me haha

  8. I’m a bit torn, on one side I have student loans, but on the other side it is really only helping people who could afford to go to college in the first place. It’s a step in the right direction but not a huge one

  9. Cant you adjust it? I have the spark and its very attached and not wobly at all

  10. It doesn’t seem to be screwed in or purposefully loose, just very wobbly so I’m not exactly sure. I might just take it back and ask to swap it out but was trying to avoid the hassle

  11. Hey, I’m looking to join the Air Force, and most of the PT requirements I can max out on (crunches and push-ups) but for the life of me, I can’t run. At the moment I can run the required 1.5 mi in just over 15 minutes, even after trying to pace myself, run with partners, etc… right around the 1 mile I feel like I’m about to have a heart attack despite my legs and rest of my body feeling fine. The annoying part is that I can comfortably ride a bike for 60+ mi, but not run. I’m a fairly skinny guy (5’9, 140 lbs) Any suggestions? P.S I would have almost a year until I finish my degree and apply, so plenty of time

  12. This is a common question, enough that there's a

  13. As we speak I found the FAQ’s you were talking about! Hopefully I can get on here in a years time to flaunt my PB’s

  14. Your work is amazing! Saw you said $34 for the minis, is the magi carp still available?

  15. UGA Psych clinic does sliding scale therapy. More effective than CAPS in my opinion. I paid $20/session when I was there, which is now my copay with insurance at Lifestance.

  16. Right now my only possible issue is that I’m under my parent’s health insurance, but they are refusing to have any part in paying for any sort of counseling. I don’t know if that would affect what my “income” looks like for sliding scale, or the lack of ability to use my insurance :/

  17. I'm sorry I don't know of any services offered for free. But I do know Lifestance

  18. I’ll look into it, thanks for the link

  19. Hrm, I just realized that’s in there as a 1 1 -1 1. I used the presets, so it must be my fault 😅

  20. I’m a left handed thrower, and I struggle to control my disc distance and form. Due to that I have a bad habit of almost always throwing my mako3 which flies fairly consistently, and my archangel, as the understability fights the hyzer I always have too much of. Any suggestions of discs that might be worth looking into?

  21. Hey! I just bought a schitt stack (magni3 and modi3) but don’t know whether to use the powered micro USB port on the modi, or the non powered port. Also, what can I use the output RCA for on the magni? I was only planning on using the headphone port.

  22. Use the non-powered port for connecting with the computer. The external power port is there in case you want to use a separate USB power supply. You will need that if you want to play music from a 'phone or other source that can't actually power the Modi. Using a separate power supply can help with noise in the power coming from the computer. It can be an issue with some systems. In most cases it's not an issue.

  23. Thanks! Quick question, can I connect my usb headset (sennheiser game zero) into a 3.5mm jack to connect it to my magni?

  24. The problem is that due to the plurality voting system we have, we're locked into only having two parties. If a small group of liberals wants to split off from the democratic party, they're guaranteeing that the republicans will win most future elections.

  25. I’ve seen a lot about RCV thrown around, and honestly it sounds like a decent idea. It’s hard choosing between two opposite parties, especially when I run into expectations with family and friends

  26. Most people don't agree entirely with either. Most people are moderates. If you find yourself agreeing with liberals on most things then for what reason do you consider yourself Republican??

  27. I think it is mainly because my family is republican, and I’m more right-leaning when it comes to most economic policies

  28. That’s what I was afraid of, but if it can’t be helped, it can’t be helped

  29. I had been scrubbing away at my grout for the past week, but it’s a killer solution to a huge problem. Is there any way I can soak, or spray something that will remove it easier?

  30. No list because different mice for different needs. The most 'jack of all trades' mice out there are GPX and GPW with their safe egg shape.

  31. I’m at work right now, but I’ll get home and measure. What exactly should I be measuring? And thanks for the advice

  32. Depends a bit how you are going to use it. For a loud partys its not going to be enough.

  33. A Yamaha R-S202 should work for both cases and not break the bank.

  34. I guess all I have to do is wait until I find a good deal on an Onkyo TX8220, or splurge and just buy the amp msrp. Thanks again!

  35. How might you compare the P5s and the HB-1 MK2 to each other might I ask?

  36. HSU are a bit more accurate, while the P5s are a bit on the pleasant and warm side. The P5s have a nice midbass sweetness that makes vocals sound awesome.

  37. Makes sense to me. Another guy further down suggested a KEF Q150, might that be in the same range as one of these two?

  38. You’re gonna have to post some photos or something because without more info it’s gonna be extremely hard to point you in the right direction.

  39. Currently I have a pair of bookshelf Audioengine HD3 speakers, and the speedwoofer10S. I'll try and take some pictures of the backs of both if that is helpfull.

  40. Need more information, guy. What speakers do you have and what amplifier do you have (if applicable)?

  41. I don’t have an amp, and I have a set of audioengine hd3 bookshelf speakers. I can take pics of the back of them if helpful

  42. Connect the subwoofer to the output on the back of the speakers using a 2x rca to rca cable.

  43. Budget? Listening room size? At least these two parameters are requiered for a usable advice, info about the speakers would also help.

  44. My room would be around 20x20, paired with a set of klipsch r-51m’s and I have a budget or anywhere between $300-600 that being said I’d like to get the best fit, and not necessarily the best/most expensive sub out there

  45. We have no idea what gear you currently have, what's your budget, or what country you're in.

  46. Heck sorry, id’ve responded sooner but work got in my way. I’m in Georgia/USA with a budget of anywhere between $300-600. Looking at the speedwoofer, and it seems to look pretty good atm

  47. I am new to the world of audio and was not sure if I should look into a beginner amp or DAC, as well as a subwoofer.

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