1. Call them and find out & let us know. Should be the latest batch as they are a direct distributor

  2. Same but cb afterwards. Tried posting a picture. Straight up noob haha. I got one coming that shipped today I’m stoked.

  3. Not sure I can say yet. I was on a short list of people for them and the new batch came in yesterday. I’m sure they will post here tomorrow with a link that of course will sell out instantly I just don’t want to get anyone in trouble.

  4. Anyone see anything good? I’ve been needing a lanyard and zippo, non of there good hats are in stock.

  5. They ceased all online sales again due to the knight stick f(ck up this morning

  6. I have no insight on this. I have only heard rumors, but who knows, haha

  7. Hopefully they will be out soon. Been waiting since Gen 5 34s we’re released

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