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  1. to be fair, passing to yourself with his super can cause massive breakaways in brawl ball, he's just totally useless without it (y'know, like with every other game mode)

  2. Yeah but alot of brawlers can do that or similar things

  3. Yet you are complaining at the person who mains Gale. Literally the brawler who counters Sam. If people played lane game Sam would be a terrible choice. Sam is just super op on casual and tight maps. That is why gale exists.

  4. Gale is my favorite. Full counter to sam, as when they trhow the super at you you can tornado it and keep them away from super, then you just poke at thme until they die

  5. Which is not happening either. Again I think SC is being lazy when it comes to CR because it's probably thier best game atm so they spend less effort on it. Clan Wars 2 is not being improved at all. Hell drop glitch still hasn't been fixed.

  6. First of all clash of clans is their best game. It gives them the most money, it has the biggest updates, and has the most skins. It is also their biggest department.

  7. So what your saying is we are actually getting somewhere with these balance updates? And not just having a cycle of busted and dead cards? You think we're getting closer to a stable game? If that's your opinion I have to respectfully disagree. Have a nice day.

  8. Everytime the meta was overturned with broken cards, it was because of some new card. Champions, goblin drill, ect. The game was always in a better state of balance before a new card was added

  9. you clearly havent wiped the entire enemy team after the first goal and won 😂

  10. up to rank 25-30 people still fall for the tara ult on the beginning of the round

  11. Oh yeah sure im just saying gales entire kit is built for brawl ball with him having high burst, stuns, slows, and a tornado gadget that can buy your team time on defense

  12. witch survives, you need a small spell or be prepared in case enemy places a tank in front

  13. If its on your side of the areana you can fireball it back for a +1 trade and take no damage

  14. Better to auto aim with clay pidgeons when you shell shock

  15. People who had a complete card collection, before the card levels got raised to 14, have a bit of a skewed perspective. Because the card requirements for epics and legenderies got lowered at the same time as the cap raise, they got a big head-start to get those rarieties to 14. Rare cards took a lot longer for them to get back to a complete collection in comparison. So they sometimes think that rare cards are harder to collect than epic cards.

  16. I am a brand new player, like 1.5 years. Rares are harder, the wild card droprate for them is so trash

  17. Every time I do mods remove it even when i mark it as nsfw because they cant take the tiniest bit of dark humor

  18. Using e, x and @ to replace o/a in gendered words is a common thing in spanish-talking countries, and has been for quite a while, specially in the LGBT+ community. It's called inclusive language and it sparks a lot of controversy, even more so when used by English talking people who don't really know the reason behind it.

  19. No its just dumb as hell. If the general population wants me to call them as latinos, then im not catering to the minority that wants me to call them latinx and piss off the other 90%+ people

  20. That's what I want to think lol it's kind of ridiculous. For cannon I could kind of get it since it has such low HP anyways, but they were still exceedingly big nerfs

  21. Bro i compaigned against mortar and I still disagree with a 13% nerf. That shit would be unplayable. 7% is actually reasonable and i can get behind that

  22. because that takes time. they are going to do it, but it takes time for the devs to do that

  23. Fast deploy,tanky as fuck, garanted hit. Sure boy

  24. 45% winrate, gets countered by all buildings except for furnace, gets fully denied by both pekkas, and is a free no hit king tower for tornado players. Totally op

  25. Thats not true lmao inferno still defends you just have shitbplacements

  26. Poland tried few times but never established any colony :l

  27. True, we re better at beeing cockroaches that you cant get rid of untill we fuck you up, that's why getting poland is annoying and in the end not worth it.

  28. Reddit can be just as horrendous. Just look at all of the fuckwits who send you the Reddit s#%{%*e care messages when you post or comment something they don’t like. You could teach a college class on the varying degrees of how disgusting that is.

  29. Twitter has the most toxic culture. They claim to want to include everyone and establish equality, but in reality its just a bunch of 14 year old girls who think that saying that you prefer a cat with a lighter pelt racist

  30. Wanted to ask, what is draft? I think i’ve gripped the basic idea but I actually don’t fully understand

  31. You picka brawler, opponent picks a brawler, you pick a brawler, ect. Main aspect is you can see what bralwers you opponent is picking and your next brawler can be a counter pick to both of them

  32. 29 gem skins. They look ass, 49 skins are way better and often have really cool gimicks. Also buying coins in the shop

  33. Cool interaction, but I think theres already been like 3 posts about this specific firespirit interaction ._.

  34. wooooo 3rd wave feminism. I sure hope its like actual feminism and fights for equality instead of just being a toxic piece of shit

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