1. I'm still not sure who this team is but that may not matter because as made obvious yesterday it's an any given Saturday kinda year

  2. A list of some guys who were out yesterday

  3. Also fwiw Orth looks pretty decent for after McDonald

  4. Akron next week boys, just don't check the EMU-UB Score

  5. Banged up last week, likely just staying healthy for MAC play

  6. Saving McDonald for MAC play after getting dinged up last week

  7. So stracks 2nd tweet makes sense about being 24 hours away. Scots really lucky they caught that clot

  8. I know I’m biased, but fuck I like our uniforms

  9. The dreamsicle combo is our best imo

  10. [Strack] Scot Loeffler had a serious health issue Monday night. He spent two nights in the hospital. Doctors told him he was 24 hours away from even more serious issues. He wasn’t cleared to travel yet. Hopes to be back by the middle of next week.

  11. β€œAll 3 were winnable” well technically yes but actually no

  12. Not much of substance but always fun to hear the pirate speak

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