1. This one isn’t outrageous but I think out of our 19 losses, the bullpen is responsible for 10 or 11 of those

  2. How do they not have a better position pitcher that can hit like 70

  3. This is their promising rookie, right? Let’s me him up

  4. When will the start lengthening his innings. Anyone know our process?

  5. These next two weeks is when we can really make a statement. Braves, pirates, orioles

  6. Love to see it especially with how porter and rocker have been pitching

  7. What’s wrong with Porter and rocker? They don’t throw a lot of innings but 1.69 and 2.7 era respectively with sub 1.00 whip.

  8. I think they’re saying that porter and rocker have been killing it while leiter was struggling so glad he’s doing well too

  9. Can we finally develop pitching talent since CJ?

  10. Late Stars games. Late Rangers games. I hate the West Coast

  11. Medical red flag according to the ticket

  12. Apparently Washington has medical red flag according to the ticket

  13. I tend to agree with this, especially with how the board has fallen. Lots of good players left, we can just sit and wait for one to fall into our lap.

  14. What does that mean? “With how the board has fallen.” There’s like 4 players that have fallen out of the first according to the big mock boards with 27 picks til ours. Seems like a pretty empty statement till you get within 3 of your pick

  15. Hasn’t been a run on TE yet, all the top IOL are still there, still two QBs likely to be taken early in the 2nd.

  16. Maybe teams don’t like Porter because he’s a 6’3” corner

  17. That’s exactly why they’d like him- they like long corners

  18. 6’1”, 6’2” is long. 6’3” is pushing it. Just like how 6’5” is pushing it for WR

  19. I like the player. I don't love where the pick ended up being, but I guess that opinion obviously shifts if they can make him more than just a 0/1 tech.

  20. If you wait, you’d probably end up drafting just another guy at DT which we’ve been using for years til Hankins. And it shows.

  21. It just kinda sucks playing a casual game and needing a guide. I wish the library or townsfolk could tell me

  22. Astros who entered that series 6-8 and not playing their best baseball. Since, they’ve gone 5-1 against (record at the start of series) BlueJays (10-6) and the braves (14-5) which probably explains why they are power ranked above us

  23. Ranked significantly ahead of us, I think it has more to do with being the latest WS champs.

  24. Probably some of that, but also probably because they beaten the pirates (2 in overall standings), braves (6), and Yankees (9). And we’ve beaten them (12)

  25. 2nd in MLB in both runs scored and run differential through the first 18 games. It’s only 10% of the season, but it’s a solid start so far.

  26. It feels nice not being one of the bad teams

  27. It’s hard for me to be mad at the pitcher when we haven’t developed a great starter since like CJ Wilson

  28. Not sure what’s going on with ARod and Kay commenting in the corner but it makes me want to turn the game off

  29. I’m at boil so I can’t watch game, but let’s get win 2 of 162

  30. we are, without a doubt, bringing the silver boot back to dallas. bring on the Lastros

  31. I had something mean typed out about Miller, but he showed this keyboard warrior what’s up

  32. I still wish Lowe was DH and we’d get a proper 1st baseman. I don’t even think we have one coming up in the minors

  33. I also feel bad with how little Garcia will make during the prime of his career

  34. Walker is talented but the last 2 years 20 gp, 1053 yards, 5TD 31, owed 11 million dollars.

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