1. the reason I use spall liners in structural slot on most heavies

  2. Obligatory link to my Japanese super-heavy rework proposal:

  3. if gold rounds do less damage (like in Steel Hunter), the Type would have that exact trading potential. would also remove p2w a bit and make ammo selection a more tactical choice than HE and the shell you can afford

  4. Whole point of arti is to harass, it cant be fixed

  5. arty (vehicle) should br replaced by a arty strike (one shot) as a consumable (like in frontline) for everyone. and capping fully might disable that for the enemy team instead of ending thf game. would be more entertaining and the SPG-fire wouldn’t be lost

  6. maybe these campaign order thingies can skip that

  7. -they should take, like rocket boosters, 1 energy each -they should explode when destroyed

  8. I'm not not a native speaker and I had really difficult time understanding what he is saying. After rewatching several times I got most of it except the last part before the laugh. Something about his mom picking up him from school then hdhsvsnshd twenty jshagdbdksgds school, guard laughs. Can someone help?

  9. I think it meant she picked him up until he was twenty

  10. drecks russenbot, verhandeln während ein Diktator dein Land besetzt? Wenn es Putin ernst meint, muss er aus der Ukraine raus, danach kann man verhandeln

  11. die Ukraine ist auch die Opposition unterdrückend, was so das gängige Kriterium für eine Diktatur ist.

  12. Wahre Worte! Putin hat sich ein Witz daraus gemacht, dass wir nach den Regeln spielen, während er ein Ding nach dem anderen reißt. Für den ist das Völker und Menschenrecht eher sowas wie bedrucktes Klopapier. Scheiss auf Putin!

  13. gun sucks, hull turning speed sucks, but it’s fast af boi. (esp. with turbo). It’s successors get better though (esp. after you get camo trained)

  14. idealism is if you do politics based on ideals.

  15. the solution for every structural problem do more diversity - every radlib/sucdem ever

  16. Israel is a military stronghold to gain military presence in the oilfields of the middle east. Also lobbying efforts are at play, but these efforts are the reason for 99% of foreign policy and the lack of money for/most of domnestic policy (non-universal healthcare, low minimum wage, no rent-cap, crappy public transport, bad education, structural racism, gentrification and so on) aswell

  17. I think Russia would like to extend its borders, but it’s not imperialist in the sense of overseas colonies or draining other countries of wealth for the sake of Russia like the British did in the 1800s/1900s. I do believe they would like nothing more than to regain the old Soviet Union so I guess that is an empire of sorts.

  18. Putin only wants to regain the territory of the soviet union imo

  19. Obviously they are imperialistic. Even the UDSSR was. (Or what was afghnistan)

  20. Afghanistan was about keeping these Mujahadeen out that were backed by the west and later formed the Taliban, whom the west gave up on containing, so they now roam freely and kill whoever doesn’t follow Sharia

  21. Ist doch völlig logisch. Es hätte mich sehr gewundert, wenn RWE den entstandenen Schaden einfach so toleriert. Die Demonstranten in die Haftung zu nehmen ist rechtlich legitim, wird aber wohl schwierig. Zum einen wird nicht viel bei denen zu holen sein, zum anderen müssen die Übeltäter erstmal identifiziert werden und ihnen muss die Verursachung des Schadens auch nachgewiesen werden. RWE hat dabei die Beweislast. Mal schauen ob ihnen das gelingt. Ein spannender Fall!

  22. erklär mir mal bitte, was ein Streik/eine Demonstration bringen soll, wenn der Profit der Unternehmer gleich bleibt? Da die Regierung sowieso nur die Interessen ihrer Lobbyisten durchsetzt, ist die Macht der unteren 99% dann nichtexistent.

  23. Das ist halt völlig egal für den Schadensersatzanspruch. Wie stellst du dir das vor? "RWE hat zwar einen Anspruch auf Schadensersatz gegen meinen Mandanten, aber dann wäre sein Protest ja sinnlos gewesen! Das geht ja nicht, dass mein Mandant sich die Zeit zum demonstrieren genommen hat und dann nichtmal ein nachhaltiger Schaden bei RWE entsteht!"

  24. ist halt ein klassischer Fall von Recht ≠ Gerechtigkeit

  25. It's their insecurities. They don't have anything they're proud of, but instead of improving themselves, they try to bring others down so they can make themselves feel better.

  26. "they bring you down to their level and then beat you with the experience of beeing on that level"

  27. Ich habe noch nie einen anderen tag von dir bekommen

  28. only Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been "completely destroyed", change my mind

  29. Marx was the first to give a scientific analysis of capitalism, which earlier socialists didn’t have. Engelsat some point said that he referred to himself and Marx as 'communists' to distance themselves from what was to become social democrats.

  30. this is/was literally fascist/nazi state doctrine

  31. Men hate women out of jealousy. They all wish they could be a woman and have the emotional, spiritual, artistic capabilities but they cannot. Their anger at their terrible state is why they rape, murder, destroy.

  32. another purpose why this is done is that men don’t feel like they’re at the bottom of the hierarchy if they can subjugate their wife. Combined with telling men that they are supposed to provide money and don’t show weakness makes them very exploitable worker-drones, who can easily be ridiculed for beeing weak by complaining about their conditions. It also makes the foundation for dividing the working class, eg. against emancipatory movements. This makes it no wonder that fascism, which is capitalism in decay (capitalists support fascist movements when socialists gain support), openly embraces this as state-doctrine

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