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  1. Normal summon Aleister, response?

  2. He is deliberately trying to tank the company so he can keep as much of his money as possible when it inevitably nosedives.

  3. No lifeguard worth their salt uses sound alone. Back when I was a lifeguard, anyone who wasn't watching the water would have been fired or forced through in-service again.

  4. I'm really digging the surge of Calvin and Hobbes DnD edits recently.

  5. I actually like using Passive Scores as DCs. Saves a lot of rolling for my part and the DCs are usually fair for players to beat, even when they are going up against an assassin.

  6. I actually thought this was common practice. What I like most about this method is that it saves time and let's the difficulty scale depending on the creature they are hiding from.

  7. I have a friend who straight up denies that the exploration pillar exists.

  8. Hey, actual guy who ran a False Hydra here, with moderate success.

  9. According to the DSM-V - the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - Fifth Edition - if a particular disorder or activity is interfering with an individual's quality of life - health - or affecting others - it may be considered pathological in nature. This is generally true for most psychiatric disorders - and is usually apt reason to initiate psychotherapy and possible pharmacological treatment - typically with consent of the patient who has clinical capacity - as determined by a qualified psychiatrist.

  10. Aren't you the troll account from that one green text where you talked about spreading misinformation on Reddit?

  11. I see that the joke is now on me for believing that a green text could ever be true

  12. I like it a lot. Especially for thievery-style campaigns. But my problem with homebrew encumberance systems always was: they become redundant when players get a bag of holding, wich isnt that hard to come by. But if my players are eager i might steal this^

  13. That's the exact reason I've never ran Bags of Holding haha. They're an optional magic item that undermines a whole mechanic of the game, so I just tell me players that they don't exist in the world.

  14. On first read, seems genius. I also tried a more abstract weight system, with values from 1 to 5 and bundles, but I just converted some numbers and that is it.

  15. That's the natural response, yeah, but I think most people forget how many items players accumulate across a long term campaign. At my table, my level 12 players have lots of magic items, supplies like potions or spell scrolls, and spare weapons or armor. They could easily meet a Carry Weight if 10 on average between them, and that's without calculating any space for loot.

  16. After skimming, this seems very similar to how Pathfinder 2e handles it. Checkout those rules.

  17. Very interesting! This definitely seems more fun to adjudicate as a DM. I do have a question on the passive carry weight, why did you choose to add level insted of proficiency bonus? It seems like carry checks would stop being feasable at higher levels.

  18. You can use the downtime rules per Xanathar's guide, but if you don't get lots of downtime or think that may take too long, you could shorten the weeks to long rests instead. Basically, instead of having them roll a check every week of downtime (10-INT mod weeks) do it per long rests or any other unit of time.

  19. I'm sure if you're honest with your players about your predicament, and why they can't have a map, they'll understand. That said, understanding doesn't fix your problem.

  20. I only ban things when they limit interesting builds and interesting encounters I can make.

  21. To be fair, how other people spend their money sets the standard for the market

  22. Fire emblem three houses🤮🤮🤮🤮

  23. Nah, making the metroids was justified in my eyes. The X overran an entire planet in mere hours, and it all stemmed from just a single one mimicking one of the chozo sneaking on a ship to ZDR.

  24. That's because the Metroids aren't really that dangerous THEMSELVES. The chozo did a pretty good job of controlling them by making them unable to reproduce off of SR388 under normal conditions.

  25. See the reason number 2 still makes zero sense is if the X were trying to eliminate Samus as a threat it would have been much smarter and not efficient to let her die with the planet on ZDR.

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