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  1. I’m angry one of the third options isn’t Heisen-

  2. I would say this counts, it's pretty much all the neckbeard classics rolled into one for me. All we needed to finish our bingo cards was him kicking off at you and/or saying "females"

  3. He probably did, but we can’t see it since he’s blocked

  4. This photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s something like 11 stories of playground, including a rooftop section and a 10 (I think) story slide. You could spend a whole day and not see half of it. Also very easy to get lost in all the claustrophobic little tunnels

  5. 110f is only 43°c which absolutely fine for idle temperatures. Nothing at all to worry about. Unless you are thermal throttling in games (or maxing out your fans to prevent thermal throttling) I wouldn't bother to repaste just yet.

  6. Thanks. I commented on another post and everyone told me it was way too hot so I’ve been looking into fixing it

  7. Perhaps they got confused and thought you meant 110°c instead of 110°f 😂. Kryonaut is a great paste, but definitely not the best for laptops. Kryonaut works best when temperatures stay lower. Prolong use at 80c or higher produce a "pump out effect" which is when the paste starts to spill out from under the cold plate. General rule of thumb - thicker paste works better in laptops, don't get too caught up in the claimed thermal conductivity performance. I would try get some kingpin kpx or phobya nanogrease extreme if it's available for a decent price, else gelid gc will do just fine.

  8. Well.. that is just a factor isn't it? I for myself am absolutely used to long hair and pointy ears for elves that's like the first things coming to my mind

  9. For literally any other movie maybe, but it doesn’t make him seem nearly wise enough for a thousand year old being (or however old he is by this point I forgot)

  10. Hey. Anyone who wants to get active in the war against the horny, DM me. I’ll invite you to a discord server

  11. Your average mission of grunts doing grunt shit is infinitely cooler than special forces fuckery

  12. I have 3 Purple Hearts of honor, 2 medal of silverbronze diamond valor stars, honorary citizenship in the galactic empire, I am an ace in the airforce, have 11322 sniper kills, and am the 13th cousin of Chris Kyle

  13. Can someone find me the blank template for this?

  14. You could throw in some french revolution stuff too to spice it up here and there.

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