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  1. I was just tryna survive bro. My hood was different. You would get bullied/beat up in middle school if you didn't claim a set. I was always a big kid and had older cousins who put me on. I was 15 with a baller chain and an x3. But that was then.

  2. One thing i can say for sure this ny sub is where u will see ny niggas giving the best support unlike these other social media apps

  3. 100% gz. Niggas is actually nice and supportive when they can be anonymous and don't gotta act tuff

  4. Exactly. If the Knicks make the move, they’re cooked. We’ve seen this movie before.

  5. Near future at least. Won't be long until LaMelo is demanding out of CHA

  6. You were watching that Stream shit with AndrewTate? That shit was fire

  7. Subscription services. Everything nowadays is being turned into a monthly bill.

  8. Homie popped off with Steve will do it and they caught beef since

  9. At the end of the day, it's about whatever each person wants it to about for themselves

  10. Unfortunately because of this capitalistic society and Joe biden, it is all about the money

  11. I don’t care about making it to the finals, I’ve seen two nba finals in my lifetime..1 team wins a title, getting Mitchell brings them closer..they need a star, there are maybe 4-5 players in entire league that if you acquire become a finals contender and last I checked none of them are available unless you want KD

  12. And they haven't made it out of the second round, much less to the finals in over 20 years.

  13. thx, no I'll never think about it again. I hate starting a show that got canceled.

  14. It didn't get canceled. The creators stopped it after 5 seasons. There will be a movie coming out later this year to wrap everything up.

  15. Yeah, this is probably the best answer. I'm really not sure what their plan is here.

  16. The plan is to try to trade Hayward and a 1st for Randle

  17. I can see Trae being worth less than Cade and Scotty at this point because Trae earns nearly 5x as much as Scotty. I love Trae, but once you are on the max, your value in this ranking has to drop compared to rookie scale.

  18. The goal is to draft players who turn into max guys sooner rather than later. Asset management is one thing, but in no world does scottie barnes have a higher trade value than Trae.. and its still fuck Trae Young btw.

  19. There’s no maximum speed using GPS. What you are talking about is the degradation in signal accuracy that the US military intentionally adds to GPS satellite signals to reduce the position accuracy the GPS receiver calculates. It’s called Selective Availability, S.A. for short.

  20. We call my uncle S.A. for short because of his initials. Small world

  21. nah its a chemical restraint basically... and they still kill people. possibly because of the meds

  22. then get off reddit and go outside (if its safe)

  23. 7 steals?!?!? That's absurd. Hunt got that without one attempted three, seriously excited for him

  24. Glad to see he’s doing well! I didn’t realize he was married to Brenda song. Their baby is so cute.

  25. It's funny that Brenda Song worked with the Sporuse twins early in their careers and now she married to Mackay culkin

  26. Lol….. all this hoopla over summer league? You all ok? Smh.

  27. We treated him like he was a superstar and it got to his head

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