1. Hello, any recommendations on games for two? Its for me and my GF. I was looking at Harry potter defense against dark arts, but I read few negative reviews, that game is not ballanced well. Then I was looking at Aeons End (which is for up to 4 players, but Im okay with that), but it would be costly investment to something that she might not like.

  2. Well I play more games and more complicated games, but she can keep up well. She is more of a casual gamer.

  3. Maybe do PvP and try to hit highest rank.

  4. As a returning player the rarity of XL candy makes the whole master league just not possible for me. There should be a way for the every day player to be able to max out at least 1 legendary every month or two. That way you have goals to look forward to and want to play master league instead of just being like yuup I'm never going to be able to do that. I don't want to have to drop $50-$100 to max out 1 legendary pokemon

  5. Well, if you use free pass for 2 and half months with mega 3 that boost XL candy for legendary, you will be able to max it (296(XL candy reqiured to max out legendary) divided by 4 (average XL candy gain after catching raid with mega that boosts it) which is 74 (days) so arround 2 and half months.

  6. Make it easier to get rare candies XL and XL candies. It's ridiculous the amount of work we need to put in to max a single pokemon. The majority of us cannot enter Master's league in like the first 2 years of play.

  7. He is LavaDOS in german, but MolTRES in english.

  8. Uh idk like maybe 40 km/h i tapped on it while my dad was starting to accelerate past a traffic light

  9. Thats how this game works. Everything will run from you, if you are catching during a car ride.

  10. How fast are you walking. I got pretty fast pace on not straight road (lot of curves) and my max is arround 15 pokemon from it.

  11. Dont forget combee for boosted stardust.

  12. People: Im done giving my money to cash grab of a game like Pokemon GO.

  13. The special raid bonus is active but i don't want any of the raid bosses. Give me a rockruff or a druddigon. I don't want any more bloody ambipoms. It's not worth hanging around for the 2 minute countdown. As a solo player anything above tier 3 means a remote raid pass.

  14. They should be guaranteed catches (especially if using a paid pass)— imagine a scenario where the product you are paying for has a 2% chance to be randomly taken away, but you still have to pay for it: checking out at the grocery store, the clerk takes away the soda you paid for telling you that they'll still take your money, but you ain't getting the soda.

  15. It was a super cool experience. Worth the cost. Seriously

  16. Its arround 2 000€ for plane tickets and arround 200$ for a night at hotel.

  17. I think Diablo Immortal is way worse in this than PoGo is. In PoGo there are still tons of free to play elements.

  18. Check if it is not more PvP relevant, than PvE.

  19. You can evolve and power up drilbur now, he is one of the best dialga counters.

  20. Just evolved and powered up to 2850, changed the moves to mudslap and earthquake. Those moves are good right?

  21. Fast move yes, charged move should be drill run.

  22. You always get shinies on the first throw! Best to use a pinap berry!

  23. I think swampert, charizard and venusaur (CD moves) are well rounded team.

  24. I would like to know what you expect from melmetal? PvE mon? Master league? Or other leagues?

  25. I like this non wild and wild more than budget and premium (or how it was called).

  26. I assume non wild is premium (aka shadows and legendaries and eggs), but wild and non-wild just makes it slightly more confusing. I would just rank best to worst

  27. Some people want to know, if they have budget options (aka pokemon that spawned in last few seasons). That why this is, at least for me, better wording.

  28. I suggest you to use it on pokemon and item storage. Its the best way to use coins, because those updates are permanent.

  29. Thanks! What do you do with egg incubators? Do you still only have 1?

  30. I only get incubators from 1 coin boxes or events when I can get them for free. I have some, but I dont use them.

  31. It might be confusing but this is the right answer. If some typing is super effective against another, that doesnt mean it resists it. Example can be ice, which is super effective against multiple typings (dragon, grass, ground and flying), but resist only 1 (ice).

  32. I used my hundo machamp and hundo metagross often, now im trying to use my hundo shadow weavile as much as I can.

  33. Get to lucky friends with your... friends irl that play PoGo and trade. In fact, 100 random trades a day may yield a few high IV lucky pokémon that could be what you're looking for.

  34. Dont have irl friends that play. Have some people from local community, with who I am best friend (in game), but I dont really know them. And dont know them enough to trade with them 100 pokemon daily.

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