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  1. mby you just have personality better than your looks. I mean nonverbal comunication

  2. Anon should’ve waited more. She’s the type that chases you, not the one being chased

  3. You are weak anon. She is a fakin friend not a family. The difference between a strange and friend are only your emotions and informations about them. Abandon her. She is not a worthy person. You already did the mistake which was you helping her. Keep her in contacts, but stop simping like this u fool

  4. Actually when i started workouting I can sometimes notice girls staring at my chest like some weird guys. They dont mind I see them they just STARE

  5. I hear polyamory was invented just for them

  6. 6’1” is really good. I would say its the prefect height cuz you still can get easy gains and you are not golem. Perfect height is 6’1” or 6’2” imo

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