1. That’s not gonna let you watch live. Unless all you wanna do is watch the onboard of whichever car they decide you will watch on a given weekend. You’re gonna need a TV subscription of some sorts with FOX, NBC, FS1, and USA included or you don’t get to watch.

  2. Is there any individual thing I can buy to watch? I don’t have any tv it cable subscriptions.

  3. Nope. TV or bust. Just find the cheapest package from Sling, Fubo, Hulu or whatever that has those 4 if you don’t have cable

  4. I got my M1 iPad Pro last week and I’m loving it. Hope you enjoy yours!

  5. It delivered today around 2 I’ve been super busy so I haven’t been able to update y’all!

  6. So if look at the Fedex general hours of operation they were modified / open on Friday witch means there was some open some not at all depending on region and state , also if you had a package that had a deliver delivery on Saturday witch is always a optimal delivery day this Saturday was A Holiday and it says Closed !! On Saturday and on Sunday’s Fedex is closed always in Most cases . Never the less from what I can see you most likely had a tracking number set up for delivery date of maybe Friday Saturday possibly if so because of The New Years and the Holiday putting a Big !! Kink in the movement of all packages I do know yes your package most likely has still moved threw the system in transit and sounds like it arrived at your Fedex facility that loads and then delivers to your area !! Anyways I am sure it was loaded buy the possible staff in wearhouse that possibly was working maybe either New Year’s Eve or maybe possibly even today although most of the delivery drivers are not operating on Sunday so that’s why they load all there trucks in this case to maximize time when they do open back up for operation tomorrow . That is why your tracking most likely says it’s on truck fo delivery and expected date is Monday it’s yes absolutely sitting on a truck ready to go for tomorrow’s deliveries . The system will make changes based on Holidays often after the day has gone buy , it would be nice if it would say expected on Monday form very beginning of the process when you originally received tracking in this case but it doesn’t often this is absolutely normal for Fedex ! Hope all gose well and get it tomorrow I’d say yes but just because it says it’s on vehicle for delivery Dosent mean it is actually gonna get delivered that day on a day All Fedex facilitys are closed . Sucks but unfortunately that’s way it is wth fedex ! Good luck my friend

  7. I just called FedEx and they said it’s on the truck and will most likely be delivered today but if not it’s promised tomorrow

  8. I have the exact same delivery dates! Mine said delayed because it initially left the FedEx facility too late the first night to be delivered by the 31st. Most services aren’t running today (New Years) or the Sunday after if you look up the holiday schedule. So odds are if it’s moved at all recently it’s going to be here on the 3rd. Like I said mines said delayed from the very start but it’s been moving just fine the last couple days.

  9. Update everyone my package has shipped and is expected to deliver the 3rd, it says it may change when they receive the package but it said it was shipped from Verizon

  10. I just lost it over this. I wasn’t getting any updates from Verizon as to what’s happened with my package and they told me it was “stuck in a loop” within FedEx grounds so I just immediately pictured my iPad doing this

  11. People really downvote just to downvote 🤣 well at least I know there was a legit issue with my order and got it resolved. Hopefully one day someone can refer to this.

  12. There is nothing that can be done to escalate shipping priority unless you had a prior order that had to be replaced due to some sort of verizon error. If your ship date was pushed back due to not having sufficient stock then your order is already priority. No one can guarantee you an earlier date than the expected ship by date.

  13. Quick update my order was in a loop with FedEx. The app never notified me it was even in fedexs hands though. So the order was expedited to get here ASAP and they told me to expect it to ship within 5 days.

  14. Really? I feel like the x5 gets pretty difficult to keep up with after a point, maybe for the first like couple generations I could see it til you got things running but that’s over kill I feel

  15. More so a great year across the board. Usually don’t have this many 800+ yards in receiving no matter the offense I run. Normally have like 2-3 max dominate WRs

  16. Update: it’s the 29th now, nothing has shipped. I spoke with Verizon earlier and they told me the item was no longer on back order and would ship within 24 hours so I’m holding them to it. If not I’ll be seeing if I can go to an authorized retailer and pick one up myself.

  17. I didn’t know you could order through them and have it put onto your phone plan, I’m also making monthly payments instead of outright paying $1.1k, wasn’t sure if you could do that through them either and it was also a Christmas gift so someone else technically ordered it on our plan

  18. Update , my package was supposed to ship today through Verizon and it hasn’t yet, so I’m assuming the earliest I’ll get it is the 3rd from this point.

  19. I can get to around 8000 people before I start experiencing issues, and 11000 before I crash outright

  20. Does it happen on any other devices? If he works with chemicals on his hands often this can be the cause of it as well.

  21. I didn't look at status. I just opened the app and it said it shipped in one of the cards. I can see the tracking link and it definitely was shipped

  22. I only checked the app. I didn't even expect it to ship, I was looking for something else

  23. Well that’s fantastic! Glad it worked out faster than expected for you. Did they give you the 2 day shipping as well?

  24. I wish you could change permanent positions for this reason. I’d love to be able to take a WR and officially make him a running back

  25. I sim til the playoffs then play x2 I always compare stats, figure out which team has to do what to win. It makes it a little more interesting and it feels a little more interactive. As if I get to watch my players and get a small connection to the team

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