1. Probably Chinese Satellite, Garden Song and I Know the End. They’re all great, but those songs are particularly personal to me and my upbringing though.

  2. Why does she whisper? Why don’t they turn up her pa? I get it if it’s a small venue, but at a large concert you shouldn’t have trouble hearing her. But then again I’m used to things like warped tour

  3. She sings pretty softly but will occasionally belt out a more impressive note. It isn’t whispering.

  4. Dak is going to be McCarthy's Romo. He is good enough but the coaching around him isn't.

  5. The coaching around him is definitely good enough. McCarthy is a Super Bowl winning head coach who is the best coach we have had in a very long time. He is so criminally underrated on this subreddit.

  6. You take 13 swings with a HOF QB and you are bound to get one. I agree that he is the best coach you've had in a long time but that doesn't mean he is good enough.

  7. So he’s around as good as Sean Payton, who had a HOF QB his entire career with NO and has an almost identical record?

  8. Some dudes fetishize youth. They think the most important attribute of a woman is her age. This man is essentially dating the youngest possible age that he legally can; and let’s be honest if he could go younger he would. This man lives like Leo.

  9. So you know, for a fact, that is the “real reason”? What is the evidence behind that statement?

  10. When I was a kid I used to play with my friends and I was like oh my gosh I love you so much I just want to play with you and I don’t know what to do with my life I don’t know what to do with my life I don’t know what to do with my life I don’t know what to do with my life

  11. Oh look a picture of a celebrity that hasn’t been doctored to all high hell with 24 filters where you can actually see their normal real life skin texture!

  12. Yeah, and it’s nice to see. Maybe I’m just a simp, but I’ve had the opinion that Billie Eilish is pretty stunning for a while now.

  13. has Witten comped for Mayer.

  14. Yeah, Mayer is a more realistic comparison to Witten imo. He has that ability to break DBs ankles like Witten did. And like Witten, Mayer is a better football player than athlete.

  15. That’s not “Cowboys homers” who aren’t calling for his head, it is people with functioning eyeballs. McCarthy has done a very good job with the team so far, all things considered.

  16. He had a top five offense every single year with the cowboys. Including a year where Cooper Rush started, what, four games? The guy got scapegoated because the cowboys are organizationally incompetent

  17. He did not get scapegoated. There are problems with Kellen’s offense that persisted in each year of his as a playcaller. You can pull up Cowboys games and see some of them if you know what to look for.

  18. No. At least most wouldn't. Cruising altitude is usually below the height of a supercell. And I don't think they would want to take the risk to fly through a storm that intense.

  19. Wendigoon is a YouTuber who I love, but I also know that if we actually hung out or talked politics I would hate him.

  20. I don’t remember him ever saying anything about politics.

  21. Ironically, Friends was amongst the most LGBTQ friendly shows in the 90s - which I guess is one of your points. Gen Zs outrage cult is completely unable to understand the context of the time. Or that change is progressive. Or that today's "progressives" will be judged as problematic in 20 years. I wonder if every generation was as self-righteous as Gen Z or if its a consequence of being raised on social media

  22. Seriously? Gen z kids are one of the more tolerant and easy going generations I’ve dealt with.

  23. Yeah, who's ever heard of former backup QBs getting hired as a QB Coach?

  24. Cowboys fans are always asking for outside hires to bring in fresh ideas.

  25. I’d hardly call that a joke. Just looks like regular ol pessimistic sarcasm to me.

  26. I will be sure to make more optimistic jokes about very underwhelming hires from now on!

  27. Don’t pretend you ain’t like Old Town Road homie. GOATED track.

  28. I always thought Jehovah's Witnesses didn't have windows as a matter of faith. Now I believe it's a matter of finances.

  29. This is something I’ve never understood as a JW. Every Kingdom Hall I’ve been to has had windows.

  30. When they get sent out to stand on the street and convert people, they're getting sent out kinda specifically to have people ignore them or be rude.

  31. I don’t believe when that but that was Charles Taze Russell started their preaching work back in the day, he meant for them to be turned down. He meant for them to be following in the “pattern set by Jesus”.

  32. uj/ I won’t hate because at least he has some variety, unlike the collection posts that consist entirely of like 15 Les Pauls.

  33. You guys ever get the feeling sometimes that Ben Garrison is a fucking dumbass?

  34. He also has a butt raping dudes fetish

  35. This has been posted in every single thread regarding Parsons since he was drafted.

  36. I posted this days ago and the mods deleted it after lots of upvotes and 36 comments 😔

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