1. "It is I who will usher in the Aryan revolution, Chris, and your sister's womb will be the perfect stepping stone for the next step in evolution!"

  2. I was speaking in Weskere voice; came up with that on the spot.

  3. On my very first gatcha pull, I got the "20% Off Rocket Launcher Charm", and I wasn't aware the rocket launcher was a Delete Boss button.

  4. On hardcore mode especially, the RPG just isn't worth the price (80000 on standard, 160000 on hardcore).

  5. So, LetMeSoloHer is becoming the Spartacus of Elden Ring? I can dig it.

  6. Did Naughty Dog make him uglier intentionally so we could sympathize with him less? If so, it's working.

  7. How about Disney's Resident Evil 4: Remake

  8. I feel so extraordinary, Something's got a hold on me, I get this feeling of emotion, A sudden sense of liberty

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