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  1. Is it only me Or no one has actually posted anything in a month

  2. Purane cartoons aur games ke isme, one punch man kaha se aagaya?

  3. Ye relevant kyu hai iska content ni dekha Aaj tk Mostlysane jaisi hai kya?

  4. Jama duda pel jama tel modi maine to yahi sikha kisi ko n a smjh aaye to iska matlab h whats your name and my name is modi

  5. Comme tuta pe nahi hota tha? Maine French padi nahi hai par ye sunna hua hai

  6. Mystic force was underrated. It had a proper story

  7. I thought you meant sanskrit subject - sans. And thought they would be chaos in chat

  8. Ye koi nayi zombie movie ki shooting chal rahi hai?

  9. And Mr beast said he came to India to shoot a video where he lives in the cheapest hotel and then maldives for expensive hotel. And YouTubers were waiting for the collab

  10. Doing that just now. Ye comment likne pe khatam hojayega

  11. Bhai aaj mera birthday hai Aur kisine wish hi nahi kiya😭😭

  12. HE IS??????????? YE KYA DHOKHA HOGAYA

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