1. Exactly as you said. The limiting factor is the personnel and how long they can survive without fresh food

  2. Would operational tempos be increased in the event of the war? I'm no submariner, and just a civilian, but surely they would be able to survive (key word survive, just not comfortably but still meet adequate nutritional guidelines and are able to do their jobs) for an extended period of time

  3. I'd argue that it's a matter of where they are, rather than culture. They're both to (land) neighbours that have historically attacked them.

  4. So I'm just a civvie anyway. I know that the joke is that ADGies are trained to SF standards to "counter SF". I know this is seen as a joke, but do they go through any specialised training that normal grunts don't go to? I'm assuming they would just do work specialised work relating to airfield defense/RAAD bases but I don't understand how that requires a higher standard of fitnesS?

  5. It's not a genocide. Please stop saying this. It waters down the word and does harm to actual survivors of genocide and their descendants (me)

  6. The danger in that is letting the rank and file out of the Hermit Kingdom. They have absolutely no concept of the outside world. 1 Russian Joe with a cell phone and a few bars would blow their mind, let alone if they were captured.

  7. They might send loyal officers and enlisted (probably special operations forces or specialists such as engineers and logistics officers (lol)) to work with Russian high command in Russia itself or somewhere safe in Ukraine. I think this would ensure that NK would gains some experience while avoiding the risk of defection.

  8. As far as pushups go I can comfortably rep out 35 to 40. And situps I can get to around 100. Im not happy where I'm at in regards to my size, im 65kg at 174cm and honestly don't look like much at all.

  9. Interesting. I am asking since I am training for it myself. How's your running?

  10. It's interesting about Australian's not being laid back. I spend about 50/50 between Australia and USA. When I'm in Sydney, I think Australian's are some of the most uppity dickheads in the world, then I land in Texas and see someone open carrying an assault rifle yelling the N-word at a bunch of 7 year olds trying to peacefully walk to school.

  11. Ahhh i was hoping for Sev to appear so bad, i liked the episode tho

  12. It is possible that Sev, alongside the rest of Delta, will return, but I doubt he would return in the same place as he was abandoned.

  13. Jim Molan (former defence brass and Lib senator, recently died) put a book out late last year about the possibility of a a China war with a semi-plausible and pretty chilling hypothesis:

  14. Interesting. What about when the US recovers eventually? Does he mention the rest of the US Navy and her carrier groups?

  15. They could find a fuckload of savings by getting rid of half of the useless overpriced contractors for stuff and just having ADF personnel do it.

  16. Which roles in the army allow you to do this. Is this open for reservists? (I'm assuming not)

  17. Ive had a dozen different jobs over the years. I got a bachelor's of science degree with a good GPA and I'm halfway retarded. I've fished in Alaska for the last five years, deadliest catch type work. I'm probably gonna be going to buds later this year. Looking back i used to be a bitch. My secret? I still think I am a bitch. Always will. Keeps me going. But you know what truly has always worked with making my comfortable in being uncomfortable? That daily overwhelming realization that we really are all just a bunch of hairless apes just wandering through this thing we call society. And not one mother fucker, not even the cockiest one or the most timid*, knows what the fuck they're doing here. We're all clueless. So you know, might as well carry some boats.

  18. Somebody FOI'd a 600-700 page training manual that is used by recruit instructors if you're interested to see what the Army teaches them.

  19. There are about 30 000 modern tqnks in russia, so if a few go missing it's not a big deal

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