1. I'm a lesbian and I would never know if someone was wearing a bra or not, because I'm not a weirdo who stares at chests. Dudes a creep.

  2. Also a lesbian who loves the gym, and somehow I can control my staring around other women lifting, nor feel the need to "spot" them or lecture them on form.

  3. Because this is BORU and not the OP, can I ask, is it normal to “record your sets to check your form”? I have just bought a gym membership for the first time and would appreciate some tips on etiquette.

  4. Videos help with you being able to objectively check form. What you may think you're doing right, can actually be vastly different than what you were actually doing. It can show if you're imbalanced, knees are going inward, where you seem to struggle the most in a rep, the like.

  5. Same here. I'm a pretty androgynous stud and get misgendered pretty often. It's just the body I was born in. Never wanted or wishbto transition. I'm just masc.

  6. Is shark week your period? Fuck yes. I am so much stronger during the first 3 days of my cycle. I'm talking freakish strength. I actually look forward to those days for my heavy lifts. I do usually skip the first/heaviest day but go absolutely wild day 2 or 3.

  7. Same here! Day before and first day, I'm way more capable of lifting heavy. Stamina is way better. And then my heavy day I feel like I'm sluggish.

  8. I'm gonna piggyback and ask what kind of undershirt that is? Been looking for one like that

  9. You should educate him about sundown towns, where if Black people were there after the sun set, a white mob would run on them, most likely lynch them.

  10. Oh yeah absolutely, I don’t doubt that that type of reaction is real, but something about this particular one seems a bit illegitimate to me

  11. I mean-- men have straight up murdered women for less, so you know...

  12. I knew someone like this with their dog. It pissed me off so damn much.

  13. If you're able to look at another white person and just see "that's a person," but you see anyone else not white and can only think "that's a Black/Chinese/Hispanic person", then yes. That's more subconscious racism.

  14. They're solid waterbottles. This price is absurd though. You could buy like 5-6 of them for that much.

  15. All white men are rednecks. Asians are good at math. All girls like pink and dresses.

  16. To Clarify: She (yellow) has never told him she loved him (red), has made it very clear she doesn't like people showing up unannounced, they had a friends-with-benefits situation so they weren't even dating, they both agreed at the start they shouldn't date.

  17. I would definitely buy the one on the left in the first pic. Very clever idea and the designs are on point.

  18. I'm not saying she doesn't! I like spas too! I'm just saying sometimes if we're trying to think of ways to bond with people, little things that are pertinent to their specific interests can be a good way to bond as well!

  19. 100% agree. but your original comment had a lot of anti feminine undertones that women shouldn’t be doing things that are stereotypical which is why I asked.

  20. We can do whatever brings us joy. I'm just saying people in general have more depth to them. I'm a woman who likes spas, but would appreciate something more catered to me.

  21. I’ve already started my next fast. Would this tea break it? My wife drinks smooth move, so I have it readily available.

  22. I usually don't consider tea unless its sweetened or something to break fasts.

  23. NTA. I think you should leave him. He doesn’t accept you and threatening a future breakup if you don’t get rid of them?? Nah get rid of him.

  24. NTA. If tattoos on your body are too much for him, tell him you don't want to have sex with him anymore, since he hates them.

  25. I will be the first to admit, I have no clue as to what those identities are. What is a Libramasc?

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