What celebrity can just go to hell?

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  1. It’s good, curious though what were your concerns if it wasn’t factory?

  2. I've asked this question before. Dyed polymer looks different from cerakote after years of wear. I understand the logic behind both arguments tho.

  3. Or they just reused a box and you took the photo so we couldn't see the sign where it is labeled correctly.

  4. Hopefully we will all be driving smart cows in the future.

  5. Yeah Baldwin only needs a single action to kill people. Yes Alec Baldwin killed an innocent woman and is still a free man...

  6. Half are below median iq... Not average or mean. If you take an average of 3 people with iq of 100, 100, and 10, then 2 people would be above the average of 70.

  7. You would be surprised what you can clean off a brand new gun. It never hurts to be the last point of quality control before you use it.

  8. That's the "Midnight Drive-by" edition. Very rare.

  9. That's a light bearing holster. You will have better luck if you put the light on the pistol.

  10. When you take out your Prince Albert.

  11. So did you clean and lube it right out of the box? Less than 200 round isn't broken in yet. It'll get there and when it does you'll love it.

  12. I drowned just watching this. I'm not coordinated.

  13. Instructions unclear penis in boat valve

  14. Salesdog of the year. I bet he won a vacation for him and his bitc... I mean his lady.

  15. Why is this mother fucker not in jail yet?

  16. Because he's an elite and laws only apply to poor people.

  17. You are correct and the double standard is maddening.

  18. Fuel door with that feature is optional as a 3k upcharge.

  19. But to be able to add this option you will also need to add ultra premium platinum package. Sorry it is not a stand alone option.

  20. I believe that includes blinkers and no BMW owner wants those.

  21. I've bought many from them. I'd recognize those yellow tags anywhere. I'm within an hour radius of them.

  22. Looks like whistlindiesel... When he's not busting cars, he's busting moves.

  23. This was Hairball in Sioux City Iowa. Great concert but that burnt smell was awful.

  24. Watching without sound I was wondering what they were smoking.

  25. No way Minnesota beats Texas for gun ownership. I live in MN and it's way less 2a than Texas. Ps...I hate Minnesota.

  26. All fun and games until you take a bird to the face.

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