1. That’s what I thought. Phone number is legit so I know it’s not a scam.

  2. I got a scam call from Garda hq before, don’t know how they take the numbers

  3. If you were in Europe it would be a GDPR breach, but sure what the American equivalent would be

  4. https://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/birth_family_relationships/children_s_rights_and_policy/children_and_rights_in_ireland.html

  5. Speak to the parents? File charges against parents for financial damages? Investigate why a child with such behaviour is not monitored?

  6. Speak to the parents yes but they can’t force them to do anything, financial cases are dealt with through a civil claim, not the guards and if you’re concerned about the child’s welfare then report it to TUSLA.

  7. I find my job very interesting but I don’t do more than I have to, I’ve never worked from home so my work doesn’t spill into my personal life and I have a longish commute so I never feel obligated to attend social events with my colleagues.

  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/cork/comments/xukky2/anyone_noticing_the_sudden_influx_of_spanish/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  9. How long did it take you to lance your own finger?

  10. That was the worst part when I used sh24 before, psyching myself up to do it. I don’t mind needles or blood but doing it on myself was different to someone else doing it!

  11. Classic Tinx needing to “get back on track” on Monday and craving Prolon after another weekend of binge drinking.

  12. I do like hot sauce and whole grain mustard in random throw together giant veggie bowls, I don’t even call them salads because I just put loads of veggies (raw, roasted, pickled) in a bowl with some feta and it just tastes so good!

  13. Looks like the majority of public transport internationally at rush hour.

  14. I had a colleague from there who said he’d happily never go back there again. He didn’t feel safe there

  15. My brother is in Jamaica working in a retreat at the minute and loves it, just sends pictures of beaches and the resort he’s living at. He spent a lot of time in poorer parts of South America and this is like heaven to him. I’m assuming there are two Jamaica’s, the tourist part and the local part, my parents have been there twice and loved it but again tourist and local must be different

  16. I did an internship in America in public broadcasting that did make my cv stand out as it was actual industry experience but I doubt it would be the same when it comes to a year of uni. You’ll still be graduating from MTU regardless of doing Erasmus. Might be worth looking at somewhere more affordable in Europe if you can’t afford to go to North America.

  17. They were the first people I thought of when I saw the original

  18. The operating assumption for a phone bought in the US is that it will not work in Ireland, other than roaming.

  19. If you buy it directly from the manufacturer without going through a network provider it wouldn’t be a problem.

  20. Don’t buy it through a phone network but it directly from a Samsung retailer unlocked. There couldn’t be a problem. I buy my iPhones directly from Apple and you can use them anywhere in the world.

  21. Walk with purpose like you’re going somewhere/really busy. People never bother you, I learned that in secondary school as a way to stay out of trouble when skipping class, still applies at work today. Look like you’re busy and people think you are and won’t bother you.

  22. Tesco/pennies/dunnes all you need clothes wise for baby are vests and baby grows and a good few of them. I got all white so I could wash them all together and not worry about the colours. I also got a little outdoor suit from Tesco, feels like you’re carrying a teddy bear and it goes on over their clothes to keep them warm if you’re out and about. A few hats and blankets for going out. You’ll need a car seat if you have a car and it’s recommended you get those new in case the second hand one has been in a crash. I don’t use Facebook marketplace personally but I’ve heard it’s good for getting some stuff. I breastfed so didn’t need bottles/sterilisers which you would need if you decided to bottle feed. Co-sleeper was a winner the baby is right there beside you while also being safe in their own space. Water wipes, nappy’s, Muslins etc. you’ll also get child benefit once baby is registered so hopefully that might help with your expenses!

  23. What a horrible take. I have very very curly hair and have had mothers with mixed race kids ask me how I take care of me and my daughters hair because they don’t know how to. I go to specific hairdressers I’ve gone to black hairdressers in the past because people curly hair is different to straight hair and you need to know what your doing with it because straight styles and products don’t work on it. The wrong person can fuck up and curly hair takes a lot longer to get it’s length back than straight hair. Not everywhere cuts curly hair properly and she’s enquiring so her boyfriend can get something that he wants and not just a run of the mill bad buzz cut.

  24. Funnily enough I did that before I asked here 🤣can’t seem to find it on the opera house website

  25. You’d be surprised how many people on this sub ask googleable stuff.

  26. Well I haven’t been on it consistently since may when college finished but I need it again for work which started this week (rip my chances of getting in on time lmao) but yeah you do see a lot of familiar faces hahaha. It brings me a slight bit of joy knowing I’m not the only one that suffers a lot on that long ass bus lol

  27. I only used to get it from carraroe into town like once a week to go to the library in nuig. My commute now is about the same but I’m in my own car and no longer living in Connemara. My friends and I used to refer to it as the crusty bus, the free travel passes were well used in that route.

  28. I always used to say I was getting off in barna, only to stay on it for another hour to lettermore haha, only one driver actually cared enough to stop and make me pay. It used to be so expensive, thank god that’s changed. The sooner I get a car the better tho

  29. I had a housemate that used to do the same 😂 literally used to say barna and stay on till carraroe. They’re not paid enough to care 😂

  30. Traffic this evening was mental!

  31. The Dunkettle project is causing havoc. Took me one hour to get from Kinsale Road Roundabout to Bloomfield yesterday at 5. 40 mins from Pouladuff to Bloomfield today at 1:30.

  32. The southlink was like a carpark today, going from Old station road to the south link was chaos, i head out the n40 westbound in the evening and there’s no roadworks ongoing on the outbound traffic so the surface is grand! The r585 also opened up a few days earlier than planned so that was a plus!

  33. Saw loads of signs around saying to boycott them? I didn’t scan the qr code to see what it was actually about though

  34. You would have gotten that letter from the Garda victim service office with the investing members name and your pulse number. Give the office a call after 9am Monday, the number should be on the top corner of the letter and ask for whoever signed the letter. They’ll be able to tell you if there’s any updates. Investigations can take a bit of time.

  35. https://mardyke.com/bar-bowl/leisure/

  36. https://www.airbnb.ie/help/article/1036/how-does-occupancy-tax-collection-and-remittance-by-airbnb-work#section-heading-0-0

  37. My bad, I’ve never even stayed in an air bnb 😂 I overheard somebody talking about it in our group but must’ve picked it up wrong!

  38. I’m from a tall family and I’m a the shortest at 5’8”. I notice small people more than I do tall.

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