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  1. Can't figure how to set sell limit on binaries... Can someone help?

  2. So a serious question. I see people asking if you dego coin ever reaching 10$ per coin and everyone says that this is very very very hard to happen or it never will cause there is a cap and so on and so forth. My question is, that if you never see doge coin going at 10$ or over 10$ at aome point over the years why do you buy? Dont get me wrong i have also bought some coins and holding them even with the price dropping. But i mean if it never exceeds 10$ is the a good gain from it?

  3. Polish competitions bets #17 - 09/04

  4. Unfortunately my company doesn't give corners for Wisla...

  5. Dude!! How much did you bet and how much did you win? If you put them in one acca it must have been thousands of euros or dollars!!!

  6. Polish competitions bets #14 - 27/03

  7. I just won 22 euros so tnx a lot mate!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  8. Let's hope for 2 goals from Partizn on the second match at halftime.

  9. Im sad cause my betting site doesn't give me your corner bettings so i got to improvise i little bit. In todays match i had to put under 9.5 conrners on the match. I still got 3 corners to go for me to lose the bet but still it's risky! Either way you are awesome mate!! Thank you very much for your tips!!!

  10. Damn it was a real roller coaster till the last minutes both matches!!! Lets hope the last one is easier in the heart!!! Tnx a lot mate for your awesome tips!!!

  11. Tailed at Manchester City winning and under 2.5 goals. At 90 minutes i decide to cash out since i was 1 euro short from the final winnings. And after 10 seconds Milan scores!!! I was so damn lucky! Either way nice bet. I hope you won too!

  12. Sorry to hear that! But you helped me and so for that i thank you very much!

  13. I'm sorry for the question but i am a newbie and i got to ask... How did you make a profit since one of your teams lost. Did you play with a system or some other way that its known in the post but im missing it??

  14. Χαρα στο κουραγιο αυτου που καθε πρωι βγαινει και κουβαλαει την λεκανη και την παλετα για να πιασει θεση παρκινγκ!!!

  15. I don't think i do but i will check again. But as i said above i never talked about BSOD. The first pc just freezes and resets. And the second PC freezes with deactivated monitors and need to be reset manually.

  16. Check event info of your computer and open with a blue screen viewer app, the event info will give you an idea of why or what is causing your computer to crash. If you are getting a BSOD write it down and google, if its irql is less or equal its normally a driver, memory issue or defender needs to be updated

  17. What is the blue screen viewer app? Also i checked the event viewer but i couldnt find anything definitive. Also i don't want to be rude and i appreciate the time you take to answer, but i havent mentioned BSOD because it doesnt happen. If it did happen as you said i would have something to work with and google. Tnx either way!

  18. Hey guys. I decided to change my DSLR. And i have come down to 3 choises.

  19. Hey there neighbor! You can shoot a lot with just a dslr, a tripod and any lens.

  20. Hello my friend. I wish i could come for a trip to Turkey. It's so nice and so many things to see. Last time i was there i went to Andrianoupoli and the food was awesome!!

  21. One day after classes, I go to parking lot where my crush was starting her scooter. I go with full nervy confidence and say I hope you would remember me from class. After her nod, I said - 'Do you want to be friends?' silence

  22. If it was a movie it could be " The scooter girl and me" :)

  23. To share my story when we had a break from class i grabbed a girl i like from her hand and i pulled her near a window. Kids were walking next to us and i said. " Look i just wanted to tell you that i love you. I just want you to know. You dont have to say anything ok?" "Ok..." She replied And then i left... We never talked about this again. We still have some contact but she now is married with the love of her life. In my defence i was like 14 years old. Now im getting ready to be married with my love of my life!!! We all lived happily ever after!

  24. Your wedding day. Leave your girlfriend waiting at the altar while you are at home playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake!!!

  25. Update: Got the cable and connected everything. Now everything is controlled from my audio interface!! Tnx everyone for your help!!!

  26. Tnx everyone for your replies. I have ordered a 2 x RCA male - 2 x jack 6.3mm. i will connect the jacks to the back of the audio interface and the RCA to the input of the subwoofer. Then i will disconect the 3.5 jack from my pc and hope that magic will happen and i will be able to control all my sound devices from the audio interface! I will update as soon as i can.

  27. The Logitech Z333 has both 3.5mm and RCA inputs1, so dual TS to dual RCA would also work. For example, the

  28. The back of the subwoofer to the logitech Z333 has 2 output RCA where the speakers are supposed to go and 2 input RCS. I not entirelly sure i undrestand how the connections should go with the cable you are suggesting. Could you elaborate a little more plz?

  29. Δοκίμασε το Ραβαϊση αν είναι ακόμα ανοιχτό. Έχω φύγει από ζωγράφου αλλά είναι παλιό μαγαζί και θα υπάρχει ακόμα. Αλλά από όσο θυμάμαι δεν είναι σε efood. Δεν ξέρω αν είναι σε κάποια άλλη πλατφόρμα.

  30. Άντε βρεθούν τόσες μάσκες από Δευτέρα. Και να βρεθούν και σε φυσιολογικές τιμές. Γιατί όσο ο κόσμος ήταν σε καραντίνα πες ότι δεν έβγαιναν ούτε οι μισοί και υπάρχει μια δυνατότητα να υπάρχουν μασκα (και πάλι αμφιβαλο για αυτό). Αλλά τώρα άμα βγουν όλοι έξω για δουλειές, κομμωτήρια, κέντρα αισθητικής κτλ θα υπερδιπλασιαστεί η ζήτηση...

  31. Υπερωρίες...σε μόνιμη βάση. Πιάνεται; Αντί για 8ωρο έχω καθημερινά 9,5ωρο

  32. Εγώ βαραω παραπάνω ώρες αλλά δεν τις πληρώνομαι. Να ναι καλά ο στρατός!

  33. Teaching online και ecommerce (το 2ο μου βγάζει γυρω στα 10-15 ευρω την ημερα, βεβαια υπάρχουν μερες που δεν εχει τιποτα). Επίσης, δεν μένω ελλάδα.

  34. Teaching online φαντάζομαι χρειάζεσαι τις ανάλογες γνώσεις - πτυχία.

  35. Last I used OpenJ9 I did see a decrease in Ram usage but FPS wise I had the same issues mentioned above. Use OpenJDK 8 Hotspot.


  37. That seems to have fixed the problem and i am having a little more stable FPS. I get some very minor Lag spikes for like a milisecond but nowhere near what i was getting. I believe that if i set a little more perm RAM (like 6gb) it would run better. Tnx a lot mate. Could you perhaps elaborate why one version of java works better from another with minecraft so i can understand a little better?

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