1. She thinks making the thighs bigger makes her big fake ass somehow fit her frame lol sad

  2. I really thought this was my mother in law till I saw the hair 😭

  3. Ass longer in inches than Methuselah's life in years

  4. Sandy Hook was also the same moment of realization for me. It’s so hard to think those kids would be seniors in HS.

  5. I was in 8th grade when Sandy Hook happened and god, it was traumatizing for everyone I knew and we only heard of it on the damn news.. It's so so sick that people want to just brush it off now. They're used to it . Vile.

  6. Honestly guys is it just me or does her face look odd in that area in every picture? Like she tried to edit it out/use make up and the last picture just didn’t work out right? Am I reaching?

  7. Yeah I agree its very blurred right there in all the photos

  8. Ok I have to ask- where the fuck did your flair come from?

  9. Oh shit, I barely even remember but I think it was someone else's comment on the topic of fundie home birth lol also a Mean Girls reference

  10. Nope. He sleeps on an air mattress in Kaiser’s room. I bet Kaiser sleeps in one too since the threw his mattress in the yard months ago.

  11. Idk where this age gap panic is coming from lately but it's unhinged

  12. Fr. While 29 man pursuing 19 woman screams "immature loser", people are getting weirdly intense with being against even small age gaps. I see adults saying they wouldn't even date someone 2 years older/younger than them. Like bro what lol

  13. why would u be proud of leah for publicly embarrassing a woman whose husband she fucked in a gas station parking lot during a custody exchange?

  14. I don't get why anyone would buy them when we all know damn well they don't use the shit.

  15. God damn Kim, let that poor child act her age!

  16. I got the witches herb apothecary one for my BFF, it's sick

  17. What? I'm fuckin confused, what is he even saying?

  18. I wish I could for a moment feel how horrid Kelly's most recent dress must feel to wear. It looks like how tablecloths feel

  19. I can only imagine poor jace feels more like a possession than a human being.

  20. The age of them MAKES ME CRINGE !!!! I’m older than Kylie, a lot younger than Kim and I could just NEVER! Lol

  21. Idk hopefully kids aren't posting this kinda weird shit

  22. I'm very literally albino but go off. Also just Google it lol

  23. This post is what made me realize she’s old enough (in duggar eyes) to be a wife. Holy cow. In my mind, Hannie was still like 10.

  24. Dude, same! It's not long till Michelle's season of mothering is over ✨️love that for her

  25. I don't trust the precarious setup they have on that bus period, much less without any adult supervision.

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