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  1. It looks like one of the pumps that are designed to be pulled to the far side of the car if necessary in order to promote and maintain a “one way” direction to keep the flow of traffic moving the same way so people can cue up and wait without having to back up or maneuver to get in and out of the pump area. This dippity doo just parked to far away from the pump I think.

  2. Did he say “42 folds” or “folded in half 42 times”? Important distinction.

  3. Cant wait to sit there so someone can fart straight to my face.

  4. I don’t LOL much but when I do there’s usually a well composed poop story making it happen. Literal tears.

  5. The one thing that makes me think this is true: she hasn’t threatened to sue. Litigation brings discovery and depositions, so anyone who did what they are accused of doing will never sue for liable or defamation.

  6. Actually yes! It’s officially the Department of Monetized Vaginas

  7. Basically what Framce did to Haiti. Only difference is this bitty told everyone about it and France erased it from their text books…. (The same ‘cliffs notes’ argument applies regardless of the name of the colonial power player or the subjugated nation)

  8. Could you imagine having to deal with someone like that?! Not just once but like every fucking day. Oof. No way. Spoiled. Spoiled wanna be princess. . He did well keeping his steak from her. Like a prison movie. “He didn’t get my cornbread Claude”

  9. Hint: there’s a third party involved

  10. Thank you! As my comment indicates tho I did indeed, figure it out. The time frame I stated for me to figure it out was clearly hyperbole. I enjoy this sub a lot, but I have to admit, this one had me for a second.

  11. I guess you just go home with a different bike and at the next festival it all just... sorts itself out?

  12. …like some kind of “bicycle swingers” or something? Instead of keys in a glass bowl just grab a rando’s bike and and head out with them standing on the rear pegs, holding your shoulders and pointing the way home to their bed!? I’m in!

  13. Funny I guess, but please, PLEASE let’s not forget to congratulate Derek Chauvin on 2 years of not murdering any unarmed, clearly subdued citizens. Why aren’t we talking about that?! Huh?! Thanks Joe Biden.

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