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Started working on Jaghatai's cloak

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  1. Anyone have advice for this kit? Also about to start some chaos warriors, my first GW minis.

  2. If you are using water-based/water-thinned paints for the basecoat with no primer, that will not stick super well to bones. That is because bones plastic is a semi-hydrophobic material, meaning it doesn't like water sticking to it. (This is all based on the advice from a YT video from Black Magic Craft, super helpful

  3. Bones USA is SioRes/SioCast. It is also supposed to take paint without any primer but it is a completely different material than bones classic or bones black (which are recycled PVC), so yeah results may vary, and I think we're all still learning.

  4. Good to know! Luckily the acrylic primer thing seems to work pretty well for the old bones too.

  5. It sounds like you're looking to understand some very basic programming logic like loops, operators, data types, conditions, etc.

  6. It looks good, love the color. I would work on highlighting the higher areas and shading low areas to make the muscles and lines contrast and pop more if you want to "see the results" better.

  7. how would one highlight and shade specific areas took me hours to just get a basic colour on 🤣

  8. The easiest explanation is that you paint the "high" areas with a lighter version of your base coat, and the "lower" areas of the mini with a darker shade.

  9. If they aren't answering they aren't in the campaign, bud.

  10. There is a statblock from the Eberron book that has an enemy called a Mind Mage which is precisely what you're looking for. They have all the spells you need.

  11. The rules are what makes it a game instead of a storytelling session.

  12. Of course, its a joke about people who take rule changes too seriously

  13. "Why do you lay these troubles on an already troubled mind?"

  14. Even inhaling the stuff from mothballs can be very bad for you.

  15. In general I prefer my players to have their own unique perception of things. That's just me though. This is a perfectly valid tool.

  16. Hey Slaanesh got beaten by Cathay in that legendary match.

  17. Their cheers of victory will echo along the great bastion for centuries

  18. Yooo you have really come out like a beast in WH3, hope you keep competing

  19. I only care about QoL since I finally get to Skaven again.

  20. Managing routed units is a lot easier with the ZZZ displays

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