1. And, of course, John would know nothing about being an egomaniac. 😒

  2. Yeah, the guy who announced to the band that he actually was Jesus shouldn't throw stones in glass houses.

  3. Rumor has it that he thinks very highly of himself without any evidence for that amd lots of it counter to that claim.

  4. She's illiterate. I'm not surprised she acted like an idiot.

  5. Shopping today at KS, and in the cooler section they had wine under the “energy drink” sign

  6. That's not right. They should have IPAs there.

  7. How did you come up with your name? We saw it on the side of a car. - Stewart Copeland

  8. It's british! Sun day mun day chews day wenz day thirs day froy day sa a a .

  9. "I know you're a math guy- I must have it this time!" What kind of hot rotting garbage is that.

  10. The Electromatic (on the left) has an arched maple top, chambered body and a set neck. The Streamliner has a slab body and a bolt on neck.

  11. Super hard but rewarding. Never seen the letters ALFRE without a D at the end.

  12. In a land.... of Jewish shawls.... and obscure birds... and throat liquids.... but not TITTY or man controls the morning fates of million of procrastinators. His name is _AM.

  13. When I saw that episode years ago I couldn't believe the resemblance. I wonder what Antonio thinks about it (or if the actor knows who Antonio is.)

  14. Dude. It is Antonio. Trust me. Some guy told me about it while I was crushing the .50/1 table the other night.

  15. Ah yes, my students use the academic reference 'trust me bro' all the time.

  16. *completes. Subject verb agreement is important.

  17. My invite must have gotten lost in the mail.

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