1. Imo, being a Cardinals fan is unlike being a baseball fan in other cities. I've lived in StL, Chicago, Atlanta, Oakland, and San Francisco and have spent a lot of time in NY and LA.

  2. Former Cardinals winning unanimous Cy Youngs 😞

  3. John Denny 1983 for the Phillies. Can't go back a hundred years, but found one more.

  4. Curve refers to having a deck with the right cost distribution among your cards. You should have a fair number of lower-cost cards and fewer high-cost cards in order to efficiently use your energy over the course of the game. If you fill your deck with 5-cost and 6-cost cards, you'll lose because you'll waste a lot of energy in the early turns, but if you fill it with only 1-cost cards you'll lose because you'll run out of cards before you run out of energy. In general I try to have roughly (3) 1-cost, (3) 2-cost, (2) 3-cost, (2) 4-cost, (1) 5-cost, (1) 6-cost (that's all approximate, it varies by deck.)

  5. Gotcha! Thanks for the explanation. Is there a general glossary somewhere I can find these concepts, or is it something that gets absorbed through repeated exposure...

  6. I just found this glossary which seems pretty good:

  7. The Grapefruit Technique.

  8. For everyone that thinks it's unreasonable or fake fans to be upset about this when is it ok to be upset about a game? Never? If you root a team you can't criticize them?

  9. Depends on the type of upset and the criticism, I think. People having a fucking hissy fit and saying things like "SeE YoU NeXt YeAr" and "ThEsE FuCkInG LoSeRs" are probably going to get more shade than someone being like, "Damn - Oli shouldn't have let Hels stay in with the jammed finger. He's gotta make better decisions."

  10. You’re getting downvoted because people don’t understand the difference between vulnerable and weak. It’s ok, you’re right.

  11. Oooo eee, Dick didn't look like he had that, ha! It was like watching a toddler walk but he was was being fast-forwarded.

  12. The Italian War of 1494-1495 showed Europe the true power of modern artillery against the standard castle. The curtain walls made great targets, and collapsed under heavy fire, allowing infantry to enter. The origins of the bastion fort were found to be effective in Pisa in 1500 and Padua in 1509. The earthen/brick ramparts would not catastrophically fail under cannon fire. The bastion was further refined into star forts, which enhanced the angles for flanking fire for the defense.

  13. Wish they would ship to Canada. One of the few straight-forward, drama free ebay alternatives.

  14. Sure, bring in the former Cub against the premier Cub killer. I'm ok with that?

  15. because pallante takes 3 minutes between pitches

  16. Right so if we lose again tomorrow that’s losing a series - we just did it here a month ago

  17. Lol no no, I understand how winning and losing a series works. When you said "here," I thought you meant in this game, but now I see you meant in Cincinnati. Your syntax was unclear.

  18. I will pull my Dick out and slap it against my phone if Dick gets a hit here!


  20. All I see is Scott trying to get his fingers directly into the cheek. Like, calm down, Summer. Jesus.

  21. Smyly must be being extra deceptive today. Birds are just flailing it seems like.

  22. Got these Commissions from Maria the Wolf (sometimes just goes by Maria Wolf) at SDCC. She is an amazing up-and-coming artist who reminds me a lot of Basil Wolverton. Her covers are instantly recognizable and rumor has it (she told me) that she has a huge book coming up doing internal art, too!

  23. Lots of people live in Boulder, CO. It’s not “a little dirty.”


  25. It’s really not. It’s kind of a paradise. I lived there for 10 years and I never came across anything that I would label even remotely dirty. I, personally, cannot see the ozone. So I am not aware of this, and wouldn’t include it in my review of the area.

  26. I don’t really care about those things or give a shit about Boulder - but I did want to reiterate my point that people are dirty and if enough of them are around they’ll make their living space dirty — some guy acting like California is the only place with dirty environs in his attempt to put it down was the target of my original comment 😂

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