1. Backwards savages who, if they weren’t murdering each other over money, religion, and power - were actively working against their survival as a species over money, religion, and power.

  2. Returned before he told everyone the FBI ‘stole them’.

  3. Wow, they want to repeal the 17th Amendment, which is direct election of US Senators. In an era when some Democrats want to eliminate the Senate, these people want to put Senate elections out of the hands of the public.

  4. Dems want to eliminate the filibuster. The senates going nowhere.

  5. Trump and the Republicans screwed up Afghanistan by showing their hand too early.

  6. My take on the withdrawal is I don't think anyone planned (Trump or Biden) for the Afghanistan government to say "Hey, fellas. We're gonna go. Like, right now." and then hand the keys over to the Taliban, leaving the US to also help evacuate thousands of people on their way out.

  7. The GOP is more than happy to force a 10-year-old rape victim to carry a pregnancy to term.

  8. The running list of excuses for classified information being kept in Mar A Lago:

  9. Mastriano, Italian extraction. Funny how quick kids forget or love to ignore their heritage. Likely 2nd generation US citizen and he's kicking down the same ladders his parents used to give him a good life in this country.

  10. Republicans looove to pull the ladder up behind them. Abbott is still collecting tens of thousands a month from the accident that put him in a wheel chair. He then fought hard for torte laws to put caps on settlements so no one could benefit like he is.

  11. He didn't suit up and destroy the Mariners or anything the next day but he still was a good man (RIP Kevin)

  12. A good boss should happy for you when leaving for a better position! If you want the new job let her know there are no hard feelings and it would be a very good career move for you. Thank her for all her advice / mentorship (or whatever you think best describes your relationship) and that you hope your professional careers cross again in the future.

  13. He's making very thinly-veiled threats to keep pouring gasoline on the fire he's claiming he wants to put out, unless he gets his way.

  14. Trump is the kid rubbing his eye with his middle finger thinking he’s being coy while taking to his 5th grade teacher after getting an F on his paper.

  15. It’s crazy as hell but you have to admit - that’s also fairly impressive commitment.

  16. it's called "SEIZING" as in "The FBI seized the passports of the criminal, who is a flight risk."

  17. My thought too. We’re about to find out he’s being considered a flight risk.

  18. Let’s not pretend for one moment that if this had been Obama instead of Trump, that the right wouldn't be frothing at the mouth, calling him a traitor and a terrorist, demanding he be locked up and executed.

  19. Hijacking your comment because it's exactly what the author is saying. They're saying that any of these instances would have been dealt with in short order if it were anyone other than Trump and asking "Why the fuck isn't Trump in jail yet?

  20. Read the article, it doesn't match what the headline is saying.

  21. About to leave this subreddit… I literally just bought a monitor and in the past 2 weeks I’ve seen so many monitor deals it’s crazy. Making me feel bad hahaha

  22. Depending on who you bought it from you might have around a month to price match the difference. Best Buy does it without much hassle.

  23. Ivory mysteries recently added to the tank. They are alge eating machines and have really cleaned up the tank.

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