On Black Friday 2008, 34 yr old Walmart employee, Jdimytai Damour, was asked by his employer to use his 6’5 body as a barrier for a crowd of over 2,000 people. He died that day after being trampled by the crowd. The shoppers did not concerned about his death, and even complained of waiting too long.

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  1. Can you just cut off a piece of scrap. Raise it to non magnetic, quench in oil. Then use hardness tester?

  2. It will almost 100% certainly be a non hardenable stainless. Even if it was hardenable, without knowing exactly what it is, and having proper expensive equipment, it can’t be hardened at home anyway. Stainless is not something you can spark test like people are suggesting, nor can you get any reasonable idea of heat treating or hardenability from torch or forge heating and quench tests.

  3. Contact Jiffy directly. They had some issues with these and many all got them replaced on a warranty issue.

  4. I heard about this but I must have gotten a good one. I’m in my second year with lots of drilling and no issues at all. Shit I punched 80 holes yesterday alone and already have probably 125 drilled in the first week of the season this year. No idea how many last season

  5. In theory it’s great, but plastic and cold weather….. I imagine all the manufacturers are going to plastic. Why make metal ones that can last a lifetime when you can’t make plastic and have people replacing them when the break?

  6. Again, because of weight. Guys want to haul a 5-6lb auger rather than a 10-12lb auger and most of us are willing to replace a plastic flighting if we have to. Modern plastics can handle the cold pretty well, and the situation that caused this likely would have bent a metal flighting too. Lastly, plastic flightings accumulate far less ice than steel augers. Plastic augers have been around for a decade and these breakages are very rare

  7. Probably why my dad always took me to sloughs where no one else was fishing lol. Definitely would annoy the hell out of other fisherman if it’s a busy lake.

  8. A few years ago there was a little dude, probably like 7 years old ripping around on an old fan cooled 340 while we were fishing. We didn’t really think anything of it until his dad knocked on the shack door apologizing for the kid running over like 4 of our tip ups.

  9. Mind if I ask where this is? Is it Saskatchewan? I'm getting a de ja vu feeling, but a lot of the prairies look similar.

  10. It is indeed Saskatchewan. Quappelle valley lakes. They can have a fair amount of current and springs coming out of the hills so the ice can be very unpredictable in the early season.

  11. I’m glad you exercise caution bro. If properly equipped (which sounds like you were perfectly) you can lay down the hammer on early ice fish. Nice job, and stay safe bud!

  12. Oh yeah safety is always the main thing, even more so now that I have a kid to go home to. We will spud to verify it’s at least 3 inches or whatever, but we also drill holes as we go so we can take actual measurements with a bump board stuck down the hole. I love fishing more than just about anything else, but I’m certainly not interested in drowning for it. Hope you have a great season too man.

  13. FWIW I run a Helix 10 on the ice and haven’t found any product from Humminbird, but I haven’t looked too much into the aftermarket. I’m sure any of the larger cases to hold Livescope and MegaLive systems would work

  14. That’s what I was going to suggest. Just make sure you get an auto deploying one. Some are manual only, and it might take time to take the layers off in order to pull the handle.

  15. If he’s wearing an inflatable it should be worn over everything else to work properly, especially if it’s an auto.

  16. 1.5-3” rattlebaits (lipless cranks) depending on the size of walleye. We use a bunch of different ones but some of the popular ones are the Rapala Rippin Rap, Frostbite Tantrum, Jackall TN60 disc knocker, Northland Rippin Shad, 13 magic man, live target lipless etc. we were out today and iced about a dozen walleye between two of us. 10 of the 12 were on rattlebaits, one on a PK spoon and one on a jigging rap. Yesterday I caught 5, and 4 of the 5 were on rattlebaits.

  17. Carp are so severely under rated where I am in Canada. Guys think I’m insane when I am at the river targeting carp instead of walleye like they are. Meanwhile, they catch half a dozen 1.5lb walleye that they release anyway, and I catch half a dozen carp 10-20lbs. 10x the size and weight, 50x the fight, and I’m the one that’s fishing for “trash fish”

  18. I am absolutely never going into tight caves and I can’t fathom why anyone would want to

  19. At least I know with 100% certainty that I will never die doing this.

  20. You've got an amazing battery then! My Helix 7 would run for 3 hours if I was lucky. New Amped lithium will last all weekend

  21. That’s a bad lead acid then. My Helix 5 which is what he has will run all day on a lead acid. A Helix 7 only draws .85 amps max so you should be getting a lot more than 3 hours on even a small lead acid. Even my helix 10 only draws about 1.25 amps in ice mode.

  22. If they're not on the flat on the bottom, one would probably be drilling a lot of holes to find them...

  23. Perfect example of a featureless lake where the fish could be anywhere and I wouldn’t even attempt it without a few guys with decent sonar. Depending on fish population you could be doing a lot of drilling and moving just to find a fish.

  24. For me the hard shack is wood and the hub is propane. I have been considering a diesel heater though for the lack of humidity. Even with a hub we tend to move fairly often so a wood stove just wouldn’t work for me because I wouldn’t be able to move it 4-5 times per day when it’s hot.

  25. Don't worry, I donated $10k to Moe's campaign and he let me buy the entire building and all its stock for $50k. What a deal! I expect to reopen within a couple weeks with new friendly underpaid staff and increased prices!

  26. I thought all the remaining stock after closure was being transported to Scotty’s garage?

  27. That’s how bears are hunted all over the world. That or chasing them with dogs which seems less sporting to me. Bears are omnivores and it’s common for guys to bait with left over donuts and baking, expired bulk candy, road kill, beaver and fish carcasses, and popcorn drizzled with syrup or fryer oil.

  28. This isn't a story about nuisance or mercy - what a way to die. What's your preferred bait? I'll put some out.

  29. Get bent. I don’t hunt bears, but lots of people do eat bear meat just like any other meat. Put some bait out for me because I know why these are being sold. Buy your meat at the grocery store and pretend no animal was killed for that and feel good about yourself

  30. I have 3 seasons of chucking 6-10oz pike/Muskie baits on the same reel with zero issues, as well as fighting big carp and cats. So far I haven’t noticed any decrease in the drag performance or the gear smoothness. They are actually super well made for the $80-$90 they cost.

  31. Not running hard ass Radial T/As would be a start. Everyone runs them because they are the “classic tire” for muscle and vintage cars, but their traction is dogshit compared to most decent tires.

  32. Security to uhhh provide security, and maybe inform staff if someone is walking out the door in a hospital gown? Adequate staffing levels to allow staff to monitor such an event and prevent it from happening? A lack of giving a shit about there employees, leading to chronic understaffing and high turnover? I think you get the picture.

  33. Security still can’t restrain or stop a person who isn’t on a mandatory hold though. Especially in a small town hospital there is no security, because there is no need for security 364.5 days of the year. They can’t staff security 24 hours a day in small rural hospitals and bandaid stations, especially when they can’t even staff them with an adequate amount of medical personnel most of the time. In this case police were notified within minutes, and security would have have been any faster. Lastly, people are allowed to go outside for a smoke if they want, because it’s not jail, so 5-10 minutes outside before noticing a person has run off isn’t long at all. My aunt was in a similar situation and basically just wandered in and out and smoked darts all day. They would have had to pay a dedicated person 24 hours a day to actually shadow her. Three 8 hours shifts would cost like $150,000+ per year just to keep tabs on one person who isn’t legally locked in the place anyway.

  34. Because the ethnicity of a doctor is relevant to a patient leaving the hospital of her own free will.

  35. That’s my point. That person is basically saying “this unrelated thing is probably the hospitals fault because I heard that one time a Nigerian person pretended to be a doctor but don’t have any actual proof”. Not only is there no evidence to back up that claim, but being “a Nigerian” is also completely irrelevant to the larger claim of someone impersonating a doctor.

  36. This story is so sad. I’m hoping those days of rushing in stores to get THE deal are long gone. I walk our local mall a lot and was there at 6:30am. There was ample parking and I only two stores with a few people in line. When I left around 7:20, the parking lot was still empty and handful of people in a major store.

  37. Online shopping has eliminated a lot of the store rampages and stores have finally learned that super big “in store only” sales are a god damn recipe for disaster. The lady coming in for a super cheap microwave isn’t going to hang around and buy a bunch of other shit, she’s just going to knock over a kid while running, brawl with another lady over an item that has more on the shelf, and then be a cunt to staff when the line is long.

  38. I do as much as possible, but my “local” is 150 miles away. So unless I happen to be making a trip that way, I just can’t justify a 300 mile trip to pick up some plastics. They still get all my business for larger items like rods, augers, and most other baits and line.

  39. Doesn’t look like something that I would be interested in. Way more money, 10 extra lbs, a bit more torque that you don’t even need, a keyed Chuck, and it appears to run 1550 rpm (way way way too fast) with the speed only being variable by how much you pull the trigger.

  40. The infrared is a decently made rod and the blank should do ok. My concern with that model is the very short butt. If you are battling decent sized lake trout you might want a bit longer butt section to take some pressure off your wrist. Something like a Frostbite Digger, Deadbolt, or Dumptruck might be better suited. Or their Drama Queen if you like a longer rod.

  41. You aren’t wrong, but the big trend is toward electrics. With that said, it also would have been much cheaper to just buy 6ah straight 20v batteries and have the exact same performance since these drills can’t actually connect to or use the 60v contacts in the flex battery anyway. On a normal 20v drill the 20/60v battery does nothing but lighten your wallet.

  42. I use the Frabill XL case and it’s been good. Everything lays flat rather than the reels hanging down. I have 9 rods in mine from 29 to 43 inches and nothing ever moves.

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