1. Yeah, but he looks very similar to Radagon except less broken.

  2. I haven’t watched it yet, planning on it but I won’t if it’s not too good. Have you watched it? And if you have what did you think of it?

  3. I don't watch it and I don't intend to since a prefer the manga.

  4. Ah okay, thanks for telling me that. I might end up watching it.

  5. Its harder to fail that quest than it is to succeed it.

  6. I still don’t understand, dumb reason to downvote imo. But I can’t change anything.

  7. Justin Bieber got some different hobbies after his music career died a little…

  8. Melee overhaul, like martial arts that does damage, and more fast paced fights

  9. Have you tried nioh2? Heavily focused on combos and switching move sets, and no PvP so the balance is a little better.

  10. I mean that's not very "exact" statement. The technical dev team is active within creator communities, including non-marketplace and they seem to have a goal to make creating custom content better for everyone. It's possible that wasn't always their goal but there are things like scripting API being worked on which currently is better outside of marketplace with experimental gameplay(one of the very few things that work like that unfortunately), but they seem to want more cool stuff accessible to even non-partners, e.g. with potential world editor being part of vanilla Bedrock.

  11. I love it! Not only does it give you customizable drip, but it also makes netherite armor what it’s supposed to be, late game armor.

  12. No I mean Kratos has been through so much. Why would he leave Nordic Mythology if he lives the life he’s always wanted. That’s why I think they’ll retire him.

  13. He's the main character of one of their best selling games, I doubt he's gone for good

  14. I can understand that, but it wouldn’t be the first time the main character of something super popular has been taken away. Kinda think of it like Ash from Pokémon.

  15. Met a guy once with the same glitch. No idea if it was intentional or just a visual bug. The other players could see it as well so I assume that guy also sees it on his screen.

  16. That's exactly what I wrote. Seems intentional but no idea why you would do it since it doesn't deal damage.

  17. Only a real Chad gamer let’s people enjoy the games they like! Nice job Chad!

  18. Dying Light 2 doesn’t have the same atmosphere as it should based off of the story. Oh and speaking about the story it was a little… lackluster… I would have made it something like “a nomadic traveler searching the world finally finds a civilization, but it’s in the middle of a war. Also cut the city shit. Open fields, uninhabited forests, civilizations dotted around a massive open world you traverse with either bikes, gokarts, or horses. Make the game feel post apocalyptic. Oh and Dying Light 1 had a different feel to it. None the less Dying Light 2 is still a masterpiece of a game and I love it.

  19. Rune arcs are little fragments of the shattered elden rings, not great runes. When you activate a rune arc you are mending it to your equipped great rune

  20. In the end does it matter if he’s cheating. Games are really just meant for people to have fun or have a break from life. As long as he’s not hurting other peoples experience, like playing online with hacks or something, I don’t think it’s a problem. If it ruins the game for him so be it, that’s his fault.

  21. Anything centered around combos, imagine a combo focused souls game!

  22. To an extent I could see this being right, but in the end who the hell cares about how other people call something. I think that the person that made this comment needs to grow up a bit.

  23. Dear moderators, I apologize if this post should have been marked as NSFW

  24. You can mark something as NSFW after posting it. I think you just click the 3 dots on the post and it’ll be there as an option.

  25. The game just doesn’t end. He just keeps running and collecting coins. The game is running as I’m uploading this. Currently on 143km with 17K coins

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